happy birthday!

I just realised that it's one year since I started this blog!                          

I'm very glad I did. As i wrote in the mummy blogs post, I had no idea about the whole world of baby blogging, and the help and support they provide.  This space has been an excellent way to share my fears and questions about being a mum, and I've received loads of help and feed b ackso far.

It' s also been a place where my family and friends can keep up with baby life, even though I find it strange when people tell me they read my blog. It makes me suddenly feel very conscious of what I'm writing,which is silly anyway because I am writing on the internet!

Anyway happy birthday to my blog, I hope I keep it up for another year! I do really love writing it! And the journey it has taken has been amazing! As when I was pregnant I always imagined writing the birth post, and finally introducing Theo to the blog world...now I look forward to writing posts about his first steps and his first birthday etc!                                   

 what fun!                                       

ps i hope there's cake later


  1. Happy first blog birthday! I've been blogging 9 years :/ that makes me feel incredibly old for 24!

  2. @janet whooa a blogging veteran! was the internet even invented then?! what did you blog about before the the bebe?


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