6 months!

So Theo is 6 months today! happy half birthday my sweet little boy. I can't really believe that it was 6 months ago that he finally joined us. It has gone so quickly, and he has changed so much, but I have loved every minute of it. A lot of it has been hard, but he makes up for it!

I have loved seeing him learn and develop, and see his little character emerge. It's weird to think that he was just this tiny thing that didn't do much other than sleep and feed, to the strong wiggling happy clever thing he is today!

You have probably seen these photos before, but it's nice to look back. I can't really believe that, even though it has gone quickly, that Theo has only been in our lives for 6 months. It's such a short space of time, but he has filled and taken over our lives so much (in a good way) that it doesn't seem like it has ever been different. I wouldn't change him or anything that has happened for anything! Motherhood was sort of thrust upon me, and before he was created I hadn't really thought about having babies that much, or didn't really know that much about them, or really want to know that much to be honest! But how quickly things change huh?

So in other news, bang on 6 months Theo has a little tooth appearing on the bottom, we discovered it in tesco's last night. It's strange because he hasn't really been showing any teething signs, which is good, but I fear they made be just around the corner! It's exciting, but also makes me sad (which is silly) but it makes me feel like that's the end of him being a little baby, and he's on his way to becoming a proper little boy. No more big gummy smiles for me!

Today we went back to Noah's ark zoo for a little day trip, and luckily Rob had the day off so he could enjoy it with us. It was such a lovely sunny day too, which was prefect! Theo LOVES animals! When we went to the bit where you can pet some of the animals such as donkeys, horses and llamas he got really excited. He had a little stroke of a donkey and it made him laugh so much! It's so sweet to see. Also when we were looking at a barn owl, it kept flying up in front of us and this made him laugh loads too! I love that he is really excited by animals!

Here is a nice family portrait, one of very few of us all together I think!

We have been trying to keep up with introducing new foods, but I'm not sure how much to introduce and how quickly. Also since Theo was a tiny baby he has been a really sicky one, which means most of the times when he gags when eating food, which is fairly normal with blw, he is sick. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it, and just carries on eating, but I'm not sure that it's completely normal that he is sick that much. Yesterday he tried spaghetti, which he just played with really!

This is quite a long post, so I think I will leave it there. It has been a busy old week and I can barely remember what we have been up to!


  1. LOVE the final picture... so so so cute, xxx

  2. aww this is so lovely :) I cant believe he is 6 months already! I remember following you on instagram and seeing all the little baby pics! also the pic of you three together..your 5,10 right? how tall is Rob?! lol xx

  3. happy half birthday, Theo!!

    I love your little family picture. you're both doing a fantastic job :)

  4. Hah thanks everyone! He is rather cute! And @tigerlily Quinn rob is 6ft 6 but he looks huge in this picture, must have been standing on a slight slope as I swear he's not usually that tall!

  5. wow Theo is going to be a super tall! good genes! x


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