party time!

Hello, sorry for the late update, but we have been away for the weekend, for my sisters 30th birthday,  as previously mentioned!

Unfortunately I've been a bit ill since we got back, so haven't been up to updating.

But I had a lovely weekend, we drove down to Herne Bay on Saturday night, which Theo again didn't really seem to enjoy, but we got there in the end, only to be met by gale force winds! The plan for the party was to have a beach bbq (as my sister lives right on the sea front) so this didn't really bode that well! Theo went to sleep really well, about 10.30 and slept right through until 5, which is amazing for him! He had a feed then went back to sleep until about 8.30, so I pretty much had a full nights sleep! First time since he was born! My sisters house was filled with kittens, including our newest member to the family, Alma. (the bottom two photos!)

She has settled in very nicely indeed, still a bit unsure of Theo, and we have to keep her from stepping on him. But she is really friendly, cuddly and playful!

Anyway Sunday arrived and the weather was awful! Rain was forecast all day and it was still really windy! But we just had to have the party indoors, which was fine, just a bit busy. They still did the BBq, just ferried the food inside. Lots of my family came, which was really nice as I haven't seen lots of them in ages, and more importantly they hadn't seen Theo. It's weird to imagine how he must seem to them, and how much he must have grown! He was cuddled lots, but got a bit over whelmed by it all I think! As did I. Ever since being pregnant I get really easily over whelmed and can't really deal with being around lots of people. I don't know why, but sometimes I just need to run away and have a bit of a break, so taking Theo away is a pretty good excuse!

Anyway back to the party! My mum gave my sister a suitcase filled with 30 presents, lots of which she had made. It was really lovely. She said some really nice things about her in a little speech, and about all of us (daughters) it was very touching. I definitely have a different relationship with my mum since going through the pregnancy, and having the baby. I can see things from her perspective a lot more, and have such respect for her! Also she's very funny!

Anyway, we went for a walk along the seafront in the evening for a bit of fresh air, and a play in the arcades!

The next day we just hung out with my sister and then drove home. It was really nice to have a weekend away with Rob, and for Rob to be with my family again! I always feel a lot more comfortable and secure when Rob is around and we do things together, but mainly I just really enjoy spending time with him out and about! On this note we are going to visit my other sister in Barcelona at the end of the month, which we are so excited about! I really need a holiday! We had to quickly apply for Theo's passport, which luckily only took about 10 days, and we received it yesterday! It's so unbelievably

Right I'd better go, off to the doctors! Sorry for the quick post, but I had a lovely weekend away, seeing my family. It's always nice to have a break from home. But very nice to come back to our lovely little flat, and our quiet life! Plus we have a little kitty now, so our home feels complete!

oh and p.s here's a sweet little video of Theo giggling!


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