New tricks

Wowzers, so once again I've been slacker than slack at blogging...I really honestly don't know where the time goes..can't beleive its Wednesday again already.

So this week Theo has learnt some new tricks! He has learnt to stand, grab his feet and be a lot more stable when sitting, even managing to sit unaided for a tiny tiny little bit before he topples over. It's very sweet to see!

I went to visit my dearest Mumma at the weekend, as it's been a while since I've been up there, and fancied getting away for the weekend. Theo HATED the journey there, and me being incredibly stupid, decided to travel on the Friday, the beginning of the bank holiday weekend. Needless to say we got stuck in lots of traffic. The journey ended up taking about twice the length of time it normally does, which resulted in one very upset baby and one very stressed out tired mama. But it was nice to finally get there! But everytime I do the journey it just makes me wish my family live closer!

I didn't take a cot with me or anything, so Theo enjoyed a whole weekend solely sleeping in the bed with me, what a lucky boy! His sleeping has gotten so much better, with him falling asleep by himself about 8-9 then sleeping til 2, then waking for a change at 5 and then going back until about 8. I'm quite happy with this, as it seems as though I get a good nights sleep and so does he! Hooray!


We had a really nice weekend. On Saturday we went to the farm shop where I used to work, and briefly showed Theo to the owner, who was very glad to see him. We then went to the glorious town of Boston, for a little bit of shopping. I needed some new jeans, so went on a little search. I managed to find some discounted designer jeans (a good discount!) and without looking at the size, squeezed them on in the changing room. They fit me (snugly) so I bought them. Can't turn down a bargain! Anyway when I got home I looked and realised they were a size 10! Me in a size 10, surely not?

Anyway, on Sunday we went to visit Andy's daughter, which was brief but nice. But once again Theo hated the car journey. He's got a bit of a cold at the moment, so perhaps he wasn't feeling too well. Hopefully he is on the mend now. On Monday we had a lazy day inside, and looked at photo albums of my sisters as babies, and us a a young family. It's so strange to see the likeness between my sisters and Theo and myself!

So Rob had the day off today, so we went to buy stuff for our new arrival to the family, our little kitten, coming home with us next weekend, when we visit my sister for her birthday, so exciting! Theo also had a good look at all the fisheys!

So this weekend we are off to my sisters, and will see lots of my family, which I'm excited about.

That's about all for now! Sorry once again for the lack of posting, but I do appreciate all my readers! Thanks!


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