So there have been things playing on my mind recently and getting me a bit worried ( you know how I love to worry). The main thing is the situation with going back to work.

I still technically have my job at pumpkin patch, but I'm on a zero hour contract. There is a new manager there now, and lots of the people I worked with have gone. I went in to speak with him the other day, and he told me it is not guaranteed that I will be able to have any hours when my maternity leave finishes in September. I will have to check back about a month before to see if there are any hours for me. Because even though I'm technically on Maternity leave there aren't any hours saved for me coming back.

Because Rob and I are on working tax credits I need to go back to work when my maternity leave runs out, and if we want to get help with child care I need to be working at least 16 hours, something which I definitely won't be able to get straight away from my old job. But even if a month before I was due to go back the manager said that there was 16 hours for me to have, I wouldn't be able to do it, because I wouldn't be able to find a nursery place for Theo in such short notice. I would have probably had to of found him a place a few months ago for starting in September.

So I'm probably just going to have to go back for whatever they can offer me, which will most likely be about 4 or 8 hours I'm guessing, meaning I can't put Theo in nursery, even if I did find a place because we can't afford to without the help, and it would be pointless working only to pay more in nursery fees. So when my maternity pay runs out, we are going to have a lot less money because I won't be working the same amount to match my maternity pay.

It's a horrid situation, and I really don't know what to do about it, as it's all out of my control.

My other option is to find another job, but I can't do that because I won't know what days I will be able to work, because I would have to go by what days a nursery had available. And once again I can't find a nursery for Theo without having a job or the hours to get the help. So a complete catch 22. Bugger.

If anyone would like to offer me a job for sometime after September, working 16 or more hours, and could let me know now, that would be great! Or just pay me to stay home...thanks!

But anyway here's a nice photo of myself and Theo, because there really aren't enough photos of us together...

p.s I'm also terrified of putting Theo into nursery! I can't imagine not spending every day with my sweet, funny, smiling little boy!


  1. Start having a look at nurseries, even without having details. See which ones you'd feel comfortable with, and which you really don't like, and speak to them. Let them know the situation, and see how flexible they're prepared to be.

    We were lucky in that the nursery we chose were able to keep a space open for us when my returning to my old job didn't happen, and then it took about 6 months for me to find something else. Some nurseries are more understanding than others.

    Also remember, that as you're going to have less income from work, you should be able to get more tax credits. While it won't meet all the difference, it will do some.

  2. Hello Abi. What do you need more, the tax credits/childcare help, or the income from 16 hours work? Call HMRC/Job Centre Plus and ask about registering self-employed (although Im registered, I have no real idea about tax rules for self-employed mothers in particular) and ask what the rules are regarding your situation. PERHAPS you could work 16hrs+ a week, from home, on a cottage-industry type thing of your choice (lazy example: knitting novelty bonnets for collectable antique Action Men), and, although you'll make little money from the work itself (or millions, you never know), claim that as your necessary 16hrs+ ...?

    Am I meant to read this blog? Sometimes I feel like an impostor, because I don't have a baby. Like a man who's just wondered into a nursery to chat to the mums.

  3. thanks for the comments and advice, i will definitely start looking into nursery's anyway, i have steered clear for now because the thought scares me!

    and owen, even though you may be a slight minority here, i'm glad you read the blog and comment! it's a good idea, and one i should look into. my friend and i were talking about getting more creative and finding something we can make and potentially sell...which i would love to do..i need to have a good hard think as to what i can put my skills (if any) too...

  4. erm, photography degree?

  5. I think that Owen has hit the nail on the head as it were...
    You get to stay at home and choose your hours, you get to be creative at the same time and do something that YOU want and then you get to see Theo at the same time..maybe you could put him in nursery for a few hours a week to be able to actually "work" and have your own time. I think the idea is brilliant...you could do a number of things like selling stuff on etsy, having your own online vintage shop, making things etc.
    Deffo look into it and see all your options..if in doubt move to BCN!

    Love you xxxx


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