oh deary deary me, it's been over a week since I last posted. I'm sorry.

It has been such a busy week, mainly because I started going to more classes, and staying out all day, then coming home and doing Theo's routine. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to do all of that and blog at the same time, sadly enough.
Everything in the flat is lovely, and really feels like home already. I'm looking forward to having the garden sorted, and when the weather stops being so bloody changeable, and hopefully gets warm again, we can start hanging out there. but so far it's been nice just spending time here and getting used to it as a family!

Right so since last Wednesday I started going to baby massage, a free rhyme time class and a sort of baby sensory/singing class. As well as meet ups with friends. It is certainly keeping me on my toes. Theo seems to enjoy the singing classes, I'm glad I waited until he was a bit older, because I don't think he would have appreciated it as much then. Now he smiles and seems to at least know what is going on a little bit!

The baby massage is a four week free course run by the council, which I think is really good that they provide that. He enjoyed it for a while, but I think was getting hungry by the end, so got a bit upset. You are supposed to feed them at least half an hour before, which I did, but on the way down an ambulance went by and made him jump, then he was sick everywhere, so I had to start all over again with the feeding, and don't think I fed him enough. I got really worried about him being sick all the time. It is ALOT of sick, proper projectile when he is, and he does it quite often. It's not after every feed, but happens when he gets upset, or if I think he has a bit of trapped wind. So much comes out though. I went to the baby clinic on Tuesday to ask the health visitors about it, and to get him weighed. He now weighs 16lbs 6, and is just over the 75th percentile, so he hasn't lost weight at all, in fact has grown quite a bit! So the sick doesn't seem to be affecting that. But it is still worrying when suddenly he is violently sick and so much milk and water comes up.

He is also been really unsettled at night, probably because of the teething, this week it has felt a bit like we have a newborn again, because he is up for a good portion in the night, and won't settle back down. I have taken to having him in the bed again, for most of the night, which I really didn't want to get back into the habit of. He goes to sleep in his own bed, but when he wakes up for his feed, he often won't settle back into it. He is chewing on everything, including my fingers. I bought some homeopathic teething crystals that are supposed to be really good for them, but the first time we tried them it made him throw up everywhere. This also happened today, after I gave them to him. I was on my way to the baby massage course, but had to miss it because I didn't have time to feed him again, and he would have been upset. I'm gutted I missed the session though. But anyway I gave him the crystals last night and he seemed fine with them. So perhaps it only makes him sick if he's had a feed not long before.

This week we also went shopping to Mamas and Papas to spend our voucher! On some good advice (thanks Janet!) we invested in a snug, so Theo can sit up and watch us around the flat. It's supposed to help their posture too. He likes it, but only for a little while, then he starts leaning over to one side.

So I can't think if there was anything else I was going to write. There is probably tons that I have forgotten, but for now, my brain is tired, my body is tired, I'm tired, and Theo needs his bath. So I will leave it there. I will try not and leave it so long in between posts next time, because I know you all need to read my blog to be able to survive, so Soz!

Oh yeh one more picture, Theo has started to wear his 3-6 month clothes now, and I'm so excited because it's a whole new wardrobe, and a whole new range of outfit possibilities!


  1. Hehe aww he looks so sweet doing his little lean in the snug.

    Have you tried Ashton & Parsons powder? It's herbal too but we much prefer it to the nelsons crystals. Would also reccomend an Amber teething anklet or necklace. I wrote about ours on my blog and it really does seem to help :) we are a total dribble fest these days but she doesnt complain much.


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