The trip back east

hello! Sorry it's been a while since I last posted, it's been a busy busy weekend full of visits to friends and family and traveling all over the country!

Theo was really good after his jabs, and the only side effects were that he slept a bit more than usual, which was fine by me! I love mornings where he sleeps and I can get up and do everything I need to do, and not run around like a mad women. After trying to get Theo into a routine and it not going particularly well I realised that he has got himself into his own routine which works pretty well. He sleeps pretty well at night already, and does sleep in the day, all I need to do is start to make sure he can fall asleep by himself without feeding him, and perhaps try and get him to go down a bit earlier at night. But I think I will try and do these things by following his pattern rather than try and put a brand new one in place that doesn't fit into the one he has already.

So anyway, on Friday I spent most of the day in the park again which was lovely as the weather was amazing again!

Then in the evening I picked Rob up from work and we went on our little road trip back east. Theo slept for the whole time in the car, which was great, as it makes travelling pretty easy. Also it doesn't really seem to upset his routine much when visiting and staying in new places which is really good. I think I'm pretty lucky with Theo because he is a pretty placid baby, and seems to be content in most situations.

On Saturday morning we went for a walk to town with his Granddad, who proudly pushed him in his pram! It was weird being back in my old town with the baby, it felt so long ago that I was living there, and now I am living a completely different life. It did make me feel nostalgic, and I really do love visiting there. We met up with my friends Jonny and Owen and had a lovely picnic at the castle in Saffron Walden.

It's so nice to go away on the weekends, and really make the most of Rob's time off. I love it when Rob is with us, and I'm always much happier when he is around, and I feel like a complete little family. He makes going places more exciting and fun, and it's nice to have someone else to help me look after the little bebe.

In the afternoon we went to Cambridge to see Anna, and once again it felt strange to be walking around with Theo there. I have so many memories of all these places and memories of the person I used to be when I was there. I hope that as Theo gets older we will continue to come back, and he can experience some of the things I did as a child where I grew up, as well as having those in Bristol, the same as Rob's childhood. There are so many things I can't wait to do with him, things that I have really fond memories of as a child, and to see Theo enjoying the same things is going to be an amazing experience!

It was a really busy day, and by the end of it we were all so tired, I fell asleep at about 10!

The next morning we got up and got ready to go over to my cousins. Before that though we went to visit Owen and Jonny's parents to introduce them to Theo. We then on the way over to my Auntys house stopped off at my Great Auntys to once again show off Theo. It was already becoming a busy day! We arrived at the party early so that my cousins could meet Theo properly before lots of people arrived. Slowly more and more people arrived and it got pretty busy! It was really nice to be around my family though, and to be there with Rob. My mum and Andy came, as well as my Dad and sister. They all wanted to hold Theo too, so he was passed around a lot! We ended up sitting in a quiet room away from the main party as it was a bit to much for Theo I think. People came in and out to see us which was nice. By the end of the day though we had a very tired and over-whelmed baby on our hands, as it had been such a busy weekend. I had to make a quick getaway and Theo went to sleep in the car.

Rob went home back to Bristol on the train, and I drove up to my Mum's, where I am staying for the week. It's nice to have a break and someone else there to help me with Theo. He is such a good baby though that it's not really that hard work at the moment, and with the amount of real smiles and giggles he giving away it's even better! He makes my heart melt everytime he smiles, and it's so lovely to see him recognising my face, and his Yaya's (grandmas) face too.

The lucky boy got bough a lovely rocking bouncy chair, and so far so good, he seems to enjoy it quite a lot! He has also really discovered his hands, and plays with them, and sucks on them all the time! Hopefully he will work out how to properly such his thumb, he seems to be pretty close! Awwww he is such a lovely little boy! Even though I don't want him to get bigger I am loving him at this stage probably the most, as its so lovely to see him taking things in and being so much more expressive. I can't wait for all the new developments, but don't him to grow anymore! I still like my baby cuddles!

He was about 14lbs when he was weighed at his check up, 14lbs at 10 weeks! Also he was measured and was 64cms (I think!)

So that's about all for now! More updates soon I promise!


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