Royal times

hii! I hope everyone has enjoyed the royal wedding day! I wanted to watch it, but I wasn't hugely excited over the whole thing. I don't hate the Royals at all, I think they are quite an important part of our society, and I think they are quite lovable really! But anyway I'm glad we have them, and the history behind them.

Anyway it ended up that I didn't have any plans at all. I was going to go up to my mums who was going to a country estate for a big royal wedding party, it sounded really nice, but I thought it would be too expensive to drive up there and back. I thought I was going to see one of my friends, but that fell through at the last minute. I wish I had gone up to my mums now, as I think I would of had a really nice day. In the end though it was just Theo and I. I had fun watching it, it was made a bit more entertaining by twitter, and I didn't feel so alone with that, which is a bit sad to say! But after it was all over on the telly I felt like I really wanted to be around other people and celebrate and be somewhere with a good atmosphere, but everyone I know was busy doing there own thing. The point is, is that I don't actually know that many people in Bristol. Most of the people I do know all have lots of other friends and family here, so most of the time have other plans. It makes me quite sad sometimes when I realise I don't have that many close friends with, well if any, who I know I could just call up and always hang out with. I guess it's just my choice of where I live and of having a baby, that makes my lifestyle different from other peoples. Once again I just wish my family lived closer, or I lived closer to then. It's hard, and now that we are getting more settled in Bristol I know it might stay that way...

anyway here is a photo of my morning! My little fatty! Oh yeh, we got him weighed on Tuesday and he weighs 15lb 1...what a he's still firmly on the 75th percentile!

Also on Tuesday, we decided to get out of the city, and after a bit of deliberating we didn't go to far, but went to Aston Court. We had a lovely picnic and walk about. I think it was strange for Rob because I was seeing all these things for the first time, but he has been going there since he was Theo's age probably, so already has so many memories. But it's nice to create new memories, with our own little family.

I like making the most of Rob's days off and doing nice things together, I beats just spending the day inside..

So some new developments with Theo are that he has learnt how to half roll over. He can roll from his back to his side. I know it's not a full roll over, and it's only half way there to that next stage, but it is exciting to me. I can't believe how much he is changing and growing...sometimes I think he looks so much older than he actually is...

 Theo has had a cold this week, which means he has been pretty unsettled in the night, meaning that I haven't been getting much sleep, which means I've now got a cold and feeling a bit rough too. But in the days he has been lovely and smiley and I can't really complain...


  1. wow, good on you for his weight gain! he's bigger than rebecca now!

    we watched the wedding too and I didn't think I was interested really but enjoyed it once I started watching


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