Theodore the exhibitionist

So there is quite a lot I want to write about, but once again haven't really had the chance! I'm attempting to write whilst feeding, breast feeding blogging, perhaps I will start a new craaaaze?

So anyway, we have discovered that Theo LOVES being naked. After we give him and bath and dry him off we put him on his mat and he kicks his arms and legs about for about half an hour or so. He smiles and gives little squeaks and squeals of excitement! Even if I'm changing him I leave his nappy off so he can have a good old kick around, it's very sweet to watch!


These last few days have been buuusy! Well since the weekend it's been busy. My Mum and Andy came down to visit again which was nice, and really helpful as they came to the flat and helped me tidy and clean and take Theo off my hands so I could do things. They are very good with Theo, and when we were out looking at the shops I got really tired, so for the first time ever, I left Theo in their capable hands in the pram and went home to have a little nap. It felt so strange walking without the pram or Theo anywhere in sight. I felt like a normal person who just blended in with everyone else, and I didn't really like it. I think it's because I was so used to being pregnant and walking around with this huge bump in the way, and then walking around with the pram infront of me and getting used to walking along like that to then suddenly having nothing feels really strange, I felt naked!


The weather has been lovely these last few couple of days, and I'm getting so excited about the start of spring! I have been for walks on the Downs, which is a big open area in Bristol, right up high. I live really close to them so it's really lovely to be able to go and walk there and feel like you are out of the city and in open fields. My friend Robyn (hi Robyn!) has been back in Bristol for a few days so she came to meet Theo for the first time. We had a lovely time walking around and chatting, and I really miss having an old friend living here, and having people I can do that with!


On Monday morning I went to a post-natal exercise class, run by the fitness instructor who took the antenatal swimming classes I used to go to. It was really good to get out and do something (really) active. I haven't done that much exercise in a long while! It was half an hour of aerobic workout, and it really got me sweating! You bring along your baby and leave them at the edge in the pram and hope that they don't wake up. It's really relaxed though, and if you ever feel like you need to stop you can, and if the baby wakes up then you can change or feed them when you need to. Theo woke up after we did the workout, so I missed the other half of the session of stretching which I sat and watched. I really enjoyed it though, and I'm going to try and go every week as it actually feels really good doing something for me for a change!


Unfortunately Rob has come down with some sort of illness today, hopefully Theo and I won't catch it because if we were all ill at the same time I don't know what we would do. I can only just about manage to do all the house work and look after Theo at the same time normally, so I can't imagine how everything would get done if I were ill too. Theo is showing no signs of settling into a routine, in fact in the last few days he has gotten a lot worse! In the nights he has been waking more for feeds, and finding it hard to settle. Plus in the days, like yesterday he hardly slept at all. I think perhaps he is having a growth spurt, because he seems to be feeding a lot too. He has developed a lovely habit of, when we are getting ready to go out, waiting until the last minute, after I have finally got myself and him dressed and ready, of then being projectile sick over both of us. It's great fun...not!

(Phone photos sorry!)

So I'd say that's about it for now! I'm going to try and be a lot more productive with my time, and try and fit in blogging when I'm feeding, instead of being stuck in front of the tv watching Friends and Top gear re-runs. Nothing like spring weather to kick you up the bum and make you more productive, so fingers crossed this feeling lasts!

p.s Theo is six weeks tomorrow! Six weeks, blimey!


  1. I love how open you are in this post. I feel as though you've walked me through your life a bit. I'm also 24 and live in Bristol. My baby's due end of May. Just out of interest, what antenatal swimming classes did you take?

  2. What a pretty photo of you at the end


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