Sickly Saturday

Hello, so today Theo performed his favourite party trick, of being sick, waiting until I had changed myself and him then being sick all over again! Fun times...

So my Saturday has been very unproductive, once again I didn't really get up until about 11.30, and dressed until about 1, which I then had to get changed again. When Theo fell asleep I watched a film, then suddenly the day was getting on to evening, and I haven't really moved from the sofa (which currently is in the form of a bed..) I think I need to get into a better routine. I know Theo is still really young, but I feel frustrated that I can't really get much done, and that Theo is the one dictating my routine and day. I really need to start putting him down, and letting him fall asleep, instead of me waiting until he goes to sleep then quickly trying to rush around to get housework and other things I want to do, done. So I have 6 weeks until he is 12 weeks old, and it is really important that I get him into more of a does anyone have any advice and tips?

I haven't really read any 'parenting books' and I'm just taking each day as it comes, without trying to do much other than making sure Theo is fed and sleeps and changed, and of course cuddled and played with. I didn't really think about it before, and this whole parenting this is so new to me, so I haven't really had time to think about the way I 'should' be doing it, I'm just trying and get on with it to the best of my ability. I just try and make sure Theo is happy, but I guess sometimes I'm making it harder for myself, especially for the future.


So this week has been good, and once again the time has flown by, Theo is now over 6 weeks! I can't believe we've already reached 6 weeks, and I feel quite proud that I've made it this far without too many troubles. He is feeding well, which I am so glad of.

On Wednesday night I had my first night out without him. It was my managers birthday from Pumpkin Patch, and we went out to Bingo. I think for my first time out without Theo, it could only be bingo really! I had such a good time, but was worried and kept on checking my phone. I had expressed some milk in the day, and we'd tried Theo on a bottle the night before. I think he took to it ok, but guzzled the milk quickly! I was worried that when I was out he would drink all the milk and I would have to come home early, or that he wouldn't be able to settle. But Rob did really well, and I returned, quite quickly because Rob had run out of milk, and I expected to come home to him screaming, but he was happily asleep when I returned. I did really miss him though, again it felt strange to be by myself again, without a bump or a baby.


Right, so I attempted to cook dinner with Theo in our baby carrier, it was the first time I had to tired to use it, and it went ok, he cried a little, but was ok, until he really needed a feed. It was quite funny, trying to chop vegetables, but it was good to have two hands at least! So this said dinner is now ready, so I'd better go!

So any tips and advice on how I should get more of a routine!


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