Moving on...

hello! I hope everyone had a very enjoyable weekend, I did!

On Saturday we took advantage of Rob's day off and had a lovely little picnic in a small park in Clifton, we then went for a lovely walk around Clifton and the zoo. It was just really nice spending time with Rob, as he had been working for the past 7 days, and it felt as though we hadn't hung out or done anything together in ages!

On Sunday my cousin was supposed to be visiting, but unfortunately she had car troubles so couldn't come..which was such a shame because we were both looking forward to it so much as she hasn't met Theo yet. But I will be seeing them in two weeks time, so will be good! So instead Rob an I had a lazy Sunday morning, Rob cooked a fry up, which was yummy, and then we went back to bed!

In the afternoon we went into town to have a look at the sales, as I was in dire need of some post-preggo clothes as my pre-preggo clothes don't quite fit me right yet. We then treated our selves to some ice cream sundaes, which definitely won't help me with fitting into my pre clothes! But it was fun!

Rob has had a long weekend, so had today off aswell. It's so nice when he is around because we can share all the responsibility of looking after Theo, which means I get a bit of a break, which is good for my mental health! Having a baby to look after all day and night by yourself is tough sometimes, as I feel I can't really relax properly and my mind is always on Theo, even when he is asleep! Today I went to my exercise class and Rob took Theo to his mum's, so that was nice to go without him and just concentrate on the class. Even though I did miss him quite a lot, it felt as though I was missing something!


So in other, but quite important news we may be moving sooner than we thought we would. I love this flat, but have always said that it would be perfect if it had another bedroom and a bath. The other day we noticed that a house a few doors down from us had a to let sign on it, so I checked it out online, and it's a two bed garden flat, £100 more a month. We really really like the location of where we are, and thought we would like to stay around here when we move, but it's quite an expensive area. We went to look at the flat on Saturday morning, and quite liked it, but it didn't make us really excited. It had a nice grassy garden, and a bigger kitchen, and extra bedroom, and a bath! Hurrah! So after a day and a night of thinking about it, we thought that actually it is a really good flat, and only just down the road. Its everything we need and want in a flat, and not too expensive for this area, so it seems like a good deal. We went to look at it again today and think that we might take it. We were never sure when we were going to move, but knew that we would have to eventually as Theo gets older. So this seems like a good step to make. But it's scary and I'm getting nervous about it.

I'm silly and I get emotionally attached to inanimate objects, and I feel bad for our flat. I suppose it's because this is our first flat together, I went into labour in this flat, and this is Theo's first home. Plus we never expected to move so quickly, but I guess when the oppourtunity like this comes up, we sort of have to take it, as we don't know if something like this will come up again.

I will keep you posted on what happens with it! Also an exciting plus point, is that we can keep pets there, and my sisters cat has just had we may have one of them! I miss having pets around, and think it will be nice for Theo when he's older to have a cat around!

So that's all for now! I had a very lovely weekend indeed!


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