Mean times

Oh dear, I feel like the biggest meanie in the world.

So in terms of getting Theo into a routine, we are putting him in his crib to fall asleep for the evening. Last night we gave him a bath and he fell asleep, so we put him in the moses basket. He woke up and cried, and cried, and we left him to fall asleep, which he eventually did. He then woke up about an hour later, so I gave him a feed then we put him back in the moses basket, and after about 5 mins of crying he went to sleep. It was really horrible to hear him just crying, Rob had to stop me from going to pick him up because I feel so bad.

So again tonight I gave him a bath, changed him, fed him and he fell asleep on me. So I then put him in his basket again, and he's been crying ever since. So I thought I would write a blog to stop me going in there. He seems to be wearing himself out now, and hopefully he will fall asleep. Because last night when he fell asleep he slept for nearly 4 hours, so I want to get him to do the same again. Bah but it is horrid horrid! Poor little baby! Am I right in doing this?


Anyway so today Rob's grandma came to visit, and it was lovely. She cuddled Theo lots, and he gave her lots of big gummy smiles when we were changing him, as he was half naked, which he loves...We then went out for lunch, and he slept all the way through, and played the perfect baby. Which he is.


  1. You are a meanie, but you are doing the right thing, you are being cruel to be kind love Dad


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