How ruddy annoying

Right, today was the day that Theo was supposed to be getting his 8 week check and jabs. I thought that the appointment was in the afternoon, like my previous one was, I went to check what time it was exactly in my diary at 11.20, only to see that it was actually at 11.10! So I rushed around getting ready and raced up the big hill to the doctors, getting there at 11.30. I waited for a bit but they said they couldn't see me. I was gutted and the only other appointment I can get is two weeks away. I feel aweful, the one thing I had to do this week and I go and screw it up! I felt like I'd failed a little bit...I was also annoyed because the last time I went to the doctors, to see the same doctor I had to wait for 50 minutes for my appointment because she was running late, why couldn't that happen this time? It's so bloody typical...So despite the beautiful weather I'm in a rotten mood. hmmpph.

This week we have truely been treated to some lovely weather this week, and hopefully it will continue into the weekend as Rob has it off! We've already got a busy one lined up so it will be nice to have some plans for a change. Our friends from our antenatal class, Matt and Nikki with their baby Sam are coming round for lunch on Saturday, then my cousin and aunty and uncle are coming on Sunday, which I'm very excited about.


So these last few nights with Theo have been really good! We decided that for his 10 o'clock feed I would express and Rob would feed him in his crib, so therefore he would fall asleep and not have to be moved, which when I fed him before he always woke up again as soon as I put him in his crib. I've been expressing a full bottle (5 fl oz) load but he is still hungry after that, so I fed him in the bed after that, and he still has a long feed, but then falls into a deep sleep and doesn't even stir when I move him to his moses basket. Then he has been sleeping for 5 hours straight, waking for a feed and a change, then a little feed then goes back to sleep for about 4 hours. Then in the morning he has a feed then sleeps in the bed for an hour or so, so I can get up and have a shower, get ready and tidy up and do mundane things like put the washing out, which I actually love doing, especially as I can hang it up outside now! It's one of my great obsessions, looking at washing on a line..I find it really comforting!

I went to the park again yesterday with my friend Mimi and her little baby Eric, it was really nice just to sit around chatting about the ups and downs of babies!

It's scary but Theo and Eric look really similar, the could potentially look like brothers! It's because Mimi and I look nothing like each other, nor do the Rob and her boyfriend! We'll just have to see how they grow up and if they still look like eachother!

Anyway, that's all for now, I should really get out and enjoy the weather! Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. ahh! such a small world, even though mimi & I are friends from collage in west wales I have yet to see Eric so its a surprise to see him here. Your blog is lovely as is your baba! I will add your to my blog role as soon as a have a spare min :) a lovely young mum baby blog xxx

  2. hii thanks! i just replied to your facebook message about this post. i think i've confused quite a few people with it! i as going to post a photo of eric, but mimi doesn't want photos to be on the internet, so i didn't at the last minute. it doesn't help that theo looks a bit different in these photos too! but they do look quite alike! sorry to disappoint you, hopefully you will meet him in the flesh soon! I havent seen them in ages!

    thanks for the sweet words though! xxx


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