Cry Baby

So today has been a lovely day, weather's so exciting to see the start of Spring, it really is my favourite time of year, and makes me really happy!

Theo has decided to spend most of the day crying though. I got up early and went to the post-natal fitness class which was really good again. I'm really glad that I'm doing something, because I have never been that motivated to go to fitness classes, but I really want to lose my pregnancy weight, as it doesn't feel like me...Anyway, so Theo woke up again towards the end of the class, so he only really slept for about an hour this morning. When we got home I fed him and changed him then tried to put him down for a sleep. I don't know what it is, he really doesn't like his crib. He was crying and crying, but I was trying to leave him, but eventually he was sick all over himself, so I had to pick him up and change him. I think he just really likes being held at the moment, because every time I put him down he cries. I think I really need a sling so that he can still be close to me, but I can walk around and have my hands free, and hopefully he will sleep.

I guess I will just have to keep on trying to put him down, and gradually get him used to it, I don't expect the routine to start immediately, but it's just so horrible to hear him crying and trying not to pick him up, it breaks my heart a little bit...

Anyway that's all for now, he has finally gone to sleep, albeit on me.

Rob has the next few days off of work, which will be nice to have a helping hand. I've got to get my haircut tomorrow, which will be such a nice treat, I haven't had my hair cut for a very very long time.

Right I'm off, hopefully to enjoy a slightly quieter even...fingers crossed!


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