Aunty and the seaside

Right, so here we go, as requested my second half update of the weekend...

So where was I, oh yes, on Saturday morning, after my 5 hours of interrupted sleep and a bit more, which was amazing, we got up and traveled down to Kent to see my sister in her new house. She lives in Herne Bay, by the sea, and this was to be Theo's first time at the seaside, not that he really took much notice!

It wasn't a very nice day, but we went for a walk along the seafront anyway. I reluctantly let my sister push the pram, which I don't do very often. I get really funny about people pushing the pram, even Rob. I'm not sure why, but I really like pushing it, and I feel a bit naked and useless when other people are pushing the pram. I also I guess I like showing off that it's my baby, because he is rather beautiful!

There was a lovely sunset, and even though it was freeeeeezing it was lovely to be by the sea, we were even treated to a beautiful sunset...

We then stopped off for a hot chocolate in a cafe, with apparently the best fish and chips in Herne Bay! But seeing as I had to give Theo a feed I didn't really get to eat them hot, so they weren't so tasty...

After this I had another bath with the boy, and again he loved it! My sister came in the bathroom with me to see him in the bath. I think I've lost pretty much all my inhibition about being naked infront of people, well my family, since giving birth, because lets face it I pretty much gave away most of my dignity then. Also breastfeeding means that they see my boobs most of the time anyway! She then helped changed and dress him, which I think she was a little scared about at first, but was fine! It's so nice now that Theo is becoming more and more alert and aware, you can really see him taking things in, and getting to know people. It's really nice also to see my family getting more and more comfortable with him, and playing and cuddling him! He is a very lucky little man to have all these people who adore him!


The next day was really nice weather, and we managed to go for another walk along the sea front!

He is absolutely adorable in his little bear suit, which fits him much better now! he is growing so fast, in fact I think he was going through a little growth spurt over the weekend because he was feeding and sleeping a lot! I still sort of don't want him to get any bigger, because he is so sweet, and I love it that he sleeps on my chest and is little enough to do that still! But I am really excited for him becoming more alert and interested in things, and showing more of his personality.

The rest of the day was spent visiting a few farm shops and an antique market, which Theo wasn't too impressed by as he cried for most of the time. He even had his first taste of 'alfresco' dining, as I had to feed him on a bench! I also discovered the wonders of soothing him with sticking my little finger into his mouth to suck on! It worked wonders!

My sister then cooked us a curry, and soon the day was over, the whole weekend went really quickly! So we then left for home, but stopped in at my auntys house on the way home, so she could me her great nephew for the first time. Unfortunately the rest of the fam weren't there, as I know they are all really excited about meeting him! But it was lovely to see my aunty, and she was thrilled to meet Theo, and got all emotional, which was really sweet! We stayed for quite a while as we were just chatting lots and lots! It was lovely and one of those things that doesn't happen enough, but I wish it did!


So that's all really, we arrived home quite late, and went to sleep, where Theo managed another good night. So for the last 4 nights he has slept really well, and I feel at least like I'm getting a few more hours than I was before. Just need to get him sleeping in his own bed now, then move onto getting him to fall asleep in it. But we've got a few weeks to get that going!

So that's all for now! I had a lovely lovely weekend, and once again has confirmed how sad it makes me that all of my family live so far away from me. Everyone move to Bristol please!


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