The perfect Sunday

So still no birth story or most of the photos...sorry about that!

Today has been lovely, it was the perfect Sunday. Well it's been the loveliest weekend in general. We had a really good night with Theo last night. He slept really well and I think we got about 7 or 8 hours altogether! We woke up about 10 and just stayed in bed watching Human Planet, drinking tea and eating biscuits. Theo was asleep on me the whole time and it was so lovely to be just cuddling and cosy with my little family.

We got up about 1 and our friends came over not long after that. They had cuddles until he started crying. We then went to Sainsburys and bought things for a roast. We then consumed the roast and watched The Royal Tenenbaums. It was lovely to have people over and to relax and have dinner cooked for me!

So all in all a perfect Sunday. I like my family life. I like it a alot.


  1. Hi Abbi & Rob its so nice to hear that you are beginning to settle into your new little family life, just enjoy every moment and cherish these memories in years to come. Send my love to little Theo, love Dad xxx


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