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Hello, so once again time has flown by!

Things are still going well, we were visited by the health visitor yesterday and Theo was weighed again, this time he weighed 10lbs 5oz! What a little fatty he is becoming! Soon I think he's going to burst out of his newborn clothes! But he is still as cute as ever, just getting a little chubby around the sides, and getting longer!

He has been staying awake longer, yesterday he was awake for a few hours at a time, had a little sleep and was awake again for a few more hours before having a really long sleep in the afternoon. He keeps on changing his sleep patterns, which I knew would happen. At the moment at night, the ensure that well all get the best sleep I have been feeding him in a lying down position, then letting him sleep in the bed with us. I make sure, of course, that he is on his back, not under the duvet and not likely to get rolled on or fall off the bed, but still I feel a little anxious about it. Also I feel like I'm spoiling him and not getting him into a routine of falling asleep in his own bed, and this might lead to bad habits in the future, or make it harder for him to settle by himself. But I also feel that it must be strange for a baby to suddenly have to sleep in a separate bed, where for so long they were snug and secure in the womb. I like that he can sleep close to me and feel safe and secure. So I don't really know what to do! Does anyone have any advice? Should I just try and start to introduce a routine in a few weeks, when he can sleep for longer?

He was three weeks old on Thursday, 3 weeks! I can't believe it, it seems like so long ago that I was pregnant and waiting for him to arrive. But sometimes I look at him, and especially when he is sleeping and Rob and I are just watching tv, and think how strange it is, that he is a separate human being, sort of like a stranger, who has just come into our lives, and who is there all the time. He has his own personality, which will continue to get stronger, and he will become more and more independent. He didn't have a choice as to who his parents are, and he is stuck with us for the rest of his life! Poor baby! It's really exciting, but also scary to imagine how the future is going to be with him in it, and how we are going to get to know each other more and more. It's also strange how much love I feel for the little chubber, even though he's only been here for 3 weeks. He is a little sweetheart, and very good. Also he provides us with lots of entertainment, here are a few videos that amuse us greatly, poor little baby. I know one day we will show these to him and feel bad!

Also here are some more photos from the last week or so


  1. Dear Abigail, Jess here (I wrote you an email?)
    Congrats on baby Theo, he looks very handsome! Its been six weeks since my baby was born and since then you (and a few other people) have inspired my to write a blog too! Keep up the great work!


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