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This last weekend has been a fun-filled family visit for Theo and myself...

On Thursday I drove up to my Mum's from Bristol, and Theo stayed asleep pretty much the whole time, just having a bit of a wail when I was stuck in a traffic jam. That night was a bit of a nightmare, and the little bebe didn't go to sleep until about 5 in the morning. I'm not sure if it was because of being in a new place, of whether I was tired from driving and probably a bit stressed, but he just wouldn't settle, I even went out in the car at 2 in the morning for a drive to see whether that would work, but alas it did not. We eventually got some sleep, but he was still being unsettled the whole next morning. Finally he went off to sleep in the afternoon and we went to the farm shop where I used to work. Unfortunately Ros, the owner wasn't there and she was the one I wanted to see the most. The other people were there, and were nice, but were perhaps not as excited as I imagined they might be to meet Theo, I guess it was quite a while ago that I was there, and only worked there for a short while. Oh well!

That evening I had a bath with Theo for the very first time. It was lovely to have him in the bath with me, and he loved it! He really does love the water, and seems really content. He then had a nice spell of being awake and really alert in the evening. It's so nice to see him starting to become more aware of things around him, and recognising me more. That night we had the best night we have ever had, as he slept for 5 hours straight! He then woke up had a feed then went straight back to sleep for 3 more hours! I didn't even have to get out of bed once, and felt like I got so much sleep!


At the moment I think the worst thing about the nights is not knowing how they are going to be. I have this sort of fear as the night approaches because I have no idea how he is going to sleep. I think if I had
an idea of when he would sleep it would be easier, but that isn't the idea of having a newborn baby!


In the morning he had a cuddle with Grandma in her bed. He is getting to know her, and he loves her a lot already! We were getting lots of smiles, and singing nursery rhymes to him and he was happily kicking away really contented. It's so nice to see my Mummy with him, you can see that she really loves him and enjoys playing with him and giving him cuddles. She walks around and talks to him and he just stays quiet with her.

That's all for now as the little one is crying! I will update about the rest of the weekend tomorrow!


  1. It was oh so lovely to see you my darling and your little worm and Carole and Andy - thanks so very much for coming over! Big love x

  2. And tomorrow is today and I am still waiting for updates silly sissy

  3. gawwwwd, you try looking after a baby and still try to update!


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