Friends, baths and beyond

Hello, so, once again it's been a while, I imagine it's something you'll all have to get used to! It's a rare chance that I get time to sit down in front of the computer and write!

So today is my first full day by myself! So far its going well! This morning we went to visit my friend Amy and meet her little baby Zoe, who is about 2 weeks older than Theo.

Theo is pretty much the same size as her, and weighs the same, which is 9lbs 11oz! So feeding is going really well, he's well above his birth weight which was 8lbs 15oz. My little fatty! Feeding is pretty good, it feels really reassuring that I'm feeding him and helping him grow. He feeds about every few hours, which is not so bad. The nights are going ok too, he seems to sleep for about 3 hours at a time, but sometimes I have to stay up with him for about an hour before he goes back down.

The days seem to go so quickly though! I'm not even sure what I do, but suddenly its night time again, and time for his bath! We've been trying to get him into a routine, which at only 2 and a half weeks is a word that doesn't really exist yet, as he changes so much, but it seems to work quite well, and he likes being in the bath!

This photo is a little bit old now, and his stump on his belly button has fallen off now, and he's got a sweet little belly button!

I try and go out and about at least once a day, and Theo loves his pram and goes to sleep instantly. I love pushing it around, in fact Rob and I fight over who's turn it is to push! Pushing him in his pram makes me feel like a mum. I don't really feel like a 'mum' at other times, which is a strange thing to say, and I can't really explain it very well. But I don't suddenly feel like a mum, because I guess I felt a bit like a mum when I was pregnant, my life certainly changed before he was here, and I was already taking care of him, through taking care of myself before he was born. Also it doesn't feel like I'm specially making an effort to care for him now, because I have to and it is just natural, so that's why I don't really suddenly feel like "I'm a Mum".

But time has gone very quickly, and this Thursday he'll be 3 weeks old! We've started to see the start of some smiles, but they're not proper yet! But it's exciting to see what it will look like when he smiles for real!

I finally got round to putting my camera pictures on my computer, so here are some more photos, some still in hospital, and a few from the last week or so.


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