The bear

Hi, so once again the week has flown by...most of the time I don't even get up until 12 or 1, let alone get to have a shower until about 4...

Things are still going well, I went to the breastfeeding group on Monday at the clinic and asked about Theo sleeping in the bed with me, and they said that it doesn't really matter about getting him into a routine until he is about 3 months, so I guess he's going to be staying with me in the bed for a bit longer.

I'm going up to my mum's tomorrow, which I'm really excited about. It's going to be my first trip away from home and without Rob. I also get to take him into the farm shop where I worked in the summer to show him off!

He's going to be 4 weeks tomorrow, I can not believe it's been four weeks already! I have been home for 3 weeks, now I know what people mean when they say it goes really quickly. He's getting so big already, he's pretty much out of his newborn clothes, and fitting into 0-3 a bit better, which means he can wear his bear suit properly, and look ridiculously cute...

I watched One born every minute earlier, and this may be weird to say, but it made me want to possibly have a baby again, to have that experience of meeting the tiny little baby for the first time...that feeling was amazing, even if I was pretty out of it at the time. But don't worry I haven't gone mad, and definitely won't be having one for a while, because I can still remember the horrible horrible pain that came before it!

That's all for now, I'm also going to Kent at the weekend to visit my sister with my Mum, which will be really nice, we'll get to go to the seaside, so it will be a weekend of firsts for the little baby.


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