Safe and Sound

Hello, so we made it to Devon and back in one piece, with no baby deciding to make an appearance, thank god!

We had a lovely time with Rob's grandparents, getting thoroughly spoilt! Yesterday we arrived at lunchtime and I got to taste Rob's grandmas infamous home made chips, and I have to say they were lovely! Then we just sat around talking and looking at photo albums of Rob's family. I then had a very welcomed bath, as I haven't had one since Christmas time (I have been showering though ok?) as we don't have a bath in the flat. I think the baby likes being in the bath, and we play a little game where I splash water over my belly and he wriggles around...

This morning we went for a walk along the seafront in Teignmouth and around the town, and it was really nice to imagine going there when we have the baba and walking around with him.

I feel like I'm ready now, and I'm really excited to meet him now. I think it was after seeing the baby on Wednesday, and feeling a jealous that I didn't have our baby yet...It's very strange knowing that any day now something could happen, officially there's 4 days to go! Just 4! Can you believe it? It seems like so so so long ago that I started this blog and counting down the months, now its a matter of days (hopefully)

Today I was looking in the mirror at my stomach, and finally saw how bloody massive it is. This sounds weird, but now it feels like instead of the baby being inside of my stomach, he's just attached to it, growing on the front of my body. You can see where he is, and it's like his own space, and nothing to do with my body anymore. See it's strange..I can't really explain it! Perhaps I should show you:

As glad as I will be not to have another thing taking over my body, I think I'm going to miss having the baby with me all the time. It's going to be the end of that weird special relationship we have, of feeling every little movement, and knowing that there is a baby, my baby growing inside of me. Once he's born he will truely be a separate individual little person, and that's weird!


So here are some photos of our little trip!


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