Progress and scares

So here I am still in hospital.

Yesterday was a bit intense because I thought I might be able to go home. All I had to do was be able to feed him by myself twice, and I had already once. Then he was sick and it was green. This is not good as it may mean infection or blocked bowels. They had to come and check him, then take him to the intensive care ward for a blood test and an x-ray. It was all really scary and upsetting. If the X-ray shows blocked bowels then he would have to go to the childrens hospital for more tests and possibly an operations.

Luckily the X-ray was clear and they are treating him with antibiotics for an infection. He probably got the infection during labour because he passed meconium inside me. But he is well and happy and feeding well now with no help! I just have to stay on for two more days, then they have to see if he is ok if not it's three more days in hospital.

It was such a horrible horrible feeling when they came and took him away. I hadn't been apart from him at all and it was heartbreaking. It made me realise how scary and delicate he is, and how much worry such a little person can cause you.

So that's all!


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