Not yet!

So to all of you so desperately waiting for news, no I haven't popped yet! Still two days to go til my due date!

I didn't realise how many people were keeping an eye on the dates, I've had lots of messages and phone calls asking 'have you dropped yet?' etc...but for me I'm just carrying on as normal, until something happens! But it's very nice to know so many people are thinking of me!

I went swimming today which felt really good, because it's so relaxing! Also I had my midwife appointment, hopefully my last, which went well! Everything still seems ok, and I'm still measuring completely average. The midwife was getting very confused when trying to feel the baby, because he's either got his head really down low, or he's breech. But I'm pretty sure he's just down low, I hope anyway! I've been having a dull period like ache in my stomach all day, and the midwife seemed to think that hopefully things were happening! If not I'll go back next week for an examination and a sweep...eeek.

I watched one born every minute last night, and the girl who had the water birth was amazing, I want my birth to be like that!

So I'm sure I'll keep you updated, might even try and mid-labour post or something, if I can manage it!

But nearly there, oh so nearly there!


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