Positive thinking

Hi everyone! Perhaps a bit more of a positive post today!

This week I'm going to see babies!! Tomorrow I'm going to visit my friend Jess, who had her baby just before Christmas, a little boy called Oliver. Also on Wednesday night we are going to visit our friends from antenatal class who had their baby on the 27th..they didn't know what they were having, and they also had a little boy called Sam. I'm really excited, I'm hoping that seeing (and hopefully holding!) babies will make me feel a little bit better about feeling scared, because who can be scared of a sweet newborn baby? Also I'm hoping that by being around other babies, my peach will get jealous and come out to see us soon!

I am feeling a bit better about the babs. I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm excited, because I feel that there's way too much to think about in a way and still be anxious, but I really really want it to happen! I keep on imagining just holding and looking at the baby, and taking him out and about, feeding him, playing with him and washing him.  I can and can't imagine what it will be like at the same time. It's weird. Sorry I have a habit of completely contradicting myself. I also can't wait to see Rob with the baby, and probably feel my heart melt completely, it already makes me feel quite emotional just thinking about it. We're going to be a family.


I think we've got everything ready, so all we have to do is wait! I even bought some snacks from the supermarket for my hospital bag! I have started to let myself think about the labour a bit. I am scared of that, I think, but I also know that it's a necessary process and pain (eek) that I have to go through to get something amazing at the end...pain with a purpose! And imagine what I get at the end of it! A little tiny baby!

Oh that reminds me, I had my 38 week check up last week, and everything seems to be fine. Just got to keep an eye on my platelets still. I'm measuring bang on average and no signs of the baby being massive, so I can stop feeling paranoid about having a humongous baby!

Right time for a photo update, which could be some of the last ones!

As you can see I pretty much ready to pop! Also notice my very attractive jogging bottoms, which actually belong to Rob. They are the most comfy things to wear ever, and at the moment comfort wins over style. Plus today Rob had the day off, and we haven't left the house all day. We had a complete lazy day and just hung out, which was great!

Right that's all for now, I'll keep you all updated as and when things happen! Any day now, only 10 to go!

oh and p.s a very happy birthday to my dear sister Sarie! The baby didn't come and steal her thunder afterall!


  1. It looks like James and the giant peach! Growing and growing!


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