A hand please?

So here we are, day five overdue and still nothing! But today I have midwife again, so I think they are going to do an examination, down there, and a cervical sweep. So fingers crossed that might get things moving!

Yesterday we had a busy day, we went swimming in the morning, then met up with my friend to have a coffee and see her baby. This is the same baby who's nappy I changed! Rob held him for the whole time and he was just asleep in his arms, it was very sweet. I can't wait to see Rob hold our baby!

Speaking of Rob, yesterday we had bad news, and he didn't get the job that he went for. All he got was an email from the guy saying so. It is really really annoying, and quite heartbreaking, as it seems as though all we have is bad luck. The job would have been perfect, and according to our friend who works there, there was nothing between Rob and the other guy who interveiwed, and infact they thought Rob would fit it in there more than the other guy. The only thing they did say is that this other guy had more 'customer service' experience than Rob, and that could be the reason. It was just such a blow. I know we shouldn't put all our hopes on one thing, but this time it just seemed as though we had been given a helping hand, and shown a bit of luck, and things might have started to get a little bit easier in money terms and in Rob's job happiness.

Rob has to find another job, because well apart from hating it working at Game, they can't offer him full time hours. Which would mean we definitely wouldn't be able to afford to live in our flat,  because we are just, and only just scraping by now. It just seemed as though the other job came up at a perfect time, and was right for him in a lot of ways, and that fact he did really well at the interviews, and should have got it really. But alas yet again things don't work out the way you want them too, and we'll just have to look for something else. I hate this position, because all the pressure for working and making the money is on Rob, and that's not fair. I wish I could help more, but I don't know what I can do!

So that's all for now. I just really really hope the baby comes soon, so we can focuss on that!


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