So! This morning at about 5 my waters broke, in bed. It wasn't so much of a gush but a leak, and I've been leaking ever since, it feels like I'm wetting myself all the time and can't control it!

Yesterday I went to the midwife and she gave me an examination and a membrane sweep. Then when I got home I got my mucus plug and started to have stomach pains...then my waters broke, and I began having contractions every ten minutes or so..but they seemed to have slowed down again so I'm trying to walk around and get things going again. Because my waters have broken I have to go into hospital and get checked out, at 11, so they'll either send me home or keep me in! I hope things move quickly!

That's all for now! Maybe my next post will be featuring a baby!


  1. Come on my Grandson hurry up so we can all meet you

  2. Hey Abby! Congratulations!!!!!! Your sister just told me you had a beautiful baby boy! Hope you can rest now and enjoy these moments! A big congratulations kiss, Jits*


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