Why thank you Mothercare

Hello! I hope everyone is ok during this weird period between Christmas and New year. I have sort of forgotten about Christmas and the holidays now, and have gone on full over-drive in getting everything ready for the baby. I'm 37 weeks today, which means that if the baby came now, or any time in the next 3 weeks there would be no problems, as he is considered full-term, from now on he's just chilling and getting fat! Lucky thing! As for me it's getting pretty uncomfortable, walking far is a hard task as is doing most other things like cleaning and tidying, but I can't seem to stop doing those things! Last night I had a horrible stitch feeling in my stomach, which is apparently caused by the baby lying on a tendon or ligament, making it very uncomfortable, thanks baby!

My sister is still here, and still determined to get the baby out before she leaves next week...We shall see!


The last few days have been spent shopping! Nothing for me, all for baby. Yesterday I went to Boots and with a gift card that my lovely friends put money onto for me (which was amazing!) I bought essentials such as nappies, cotton wool, nipple cream and things like that. I bought some disposable nappies to begin with, the Nature care ones, just for the first week or so, so I can get used to changing the nappy and hopefully get some sort of routine with everything else, then I can concentrate on using washable nappies after that.

So today we went swimming, then took a trip over to Ikea and Mothercare. I bought the rest of the things I needed like storage boxes for clothes, muslin squares and other bits and bobs. I then went to Mothercare to get the rest.

Bristol city council have a really good scheme where if you spend £50 on resuable nappies, they pay the retailer £30 of it. So I knew that they did these starter packs by a company called Bambino Mio, which are about £50, I also bought a changing mat and two packs of sheets for the crib.

So I took it all to the till and they rang it through, and they said I only had to pay £1.82. I didn't really understand why, but kept quiet anyway. It should have come to about £70, then £40 with the £30 voucher, so somehow they managed to only charge me £1.82 for the whole lot! I can't actually believe it! So with the extra money saved I bought a nappy bin and a breast pump!

I was so excited that I got so much! I can't believe my luck!

We sorted and put away everything when we got home...I'm so excited! It's all pretty much ready, just waiting for the baby now!


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