Hello! I'm very sleepy, but very cosy in my little home writing this!

These last few couple of days have been lovely and fun! First of all on Friday I popped round my friend's house who is also preggos to have a quick little cup of tea and a chat about leaking nipples, prams and weird dreams, which was lovely. In the early evening I then had a visit from my dear friend Robyn and her boyfriend, who were back in Bristol for the weekend. We had a chat and a cup of tea, then they made their way onwards into the night. After this I started to cook dinner, but had to stop in the middle to go pick up my other dear friend Tilly, who has come to visit for the weekend.

It was all a bit of a rush after that because we were going out for the evening to a burlesque night in town. Rob came home from work then we ate dinner, rather quickly, then headed out. We were going to the night because my assistant manager was singing at the event, and when Rob and I were in Barcelona in the summer we went to an awesome Burlesque night there, with my sister. My manager and other friend from work were also there, so it was nice to see people I knew! The night was slightly amateur, to put it politely, in comparison to the one in Barcelona, but was fun in the end. It was good to do something in the evening which didn't just involve me sitting around watching other people get drunk!

 This morning we had a nice breakfast before Rob and I had to go to work. After I got home from work, only after 3 hours, Tilly took me out for lunch which was lovely, we had a good old chat about things. We then went for a little stroll to the charity shops. She has gone to meet some of her other friends who live in Bristol for a quick visit and for dinner, but will be back later for an evening of girly fun, including facemasks, popcorn and watching the film Now and Then. I'm very excited! But right now I'm alone in the flat, lying on the sofa, recovering from my very tiring day! I can't believe how much just walking around a few shops and going to work for a few hours tires me out. I'm quite glad that I'm finishing work this weekend, I'm not sure I could deal with going into town and working all the time anymore.


On Tuesday Rob's Grandparents are coming to visit us for the day, which is lovely! Then my other dear friend Sarah, who has just returned from Berlin, where she has been for the past three months, will be visiting at some point in the week. The following week after my Mum is going to come and visit, then my sister Vic is also coming to stay for a while! It's will be my birthday that week also! Then two days after that it will be Christmas! Phew!

We have decided to stay here for Christmas, and Vic and Tilly will be joining us. It will be my first ever grown up Christmas! Tilly has already volunteered to do the cooking, and she and Rob will be spending most of the day drinking port, apparently. I think I will just put my feet up! Then we will be travelling over to Essex on boxing day to visit extended family for a big Christmas affair, where Rob will meet ALL of my family for the first time, poor boy! But I'm getting quite excited now! Rob and I bought a tree last week and I tried to make it look Christmassy in the flat!

So that's about all! I feel slightly exhausted just thinking about all the different things and people who are visiting in the next few weeks! But it will be very nice indeed! So I'm very excited! Then once Christmas is over there will only be about 3 weeks before the baby is due! Hopefully Rob and I will also be able to have some time just with us, before the baby comes and changes that forever!



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