Today we got our pram! hoooraay!

My mum came to visit and dropped off christmas goodies, as did Rob's dad, so we have lots of lovely presents under our tree now! We then headed off to Mothercare to have a look. Rob had the day off so he could come and try out the prams. We were going to just get the Mothercare travel system, but after looking we decided to go for a slightly more expensive pram, the Graco vivo. It seems good and sturdy, with a car I like it! I can't wait to actually be able to take the baby out in it, there is something really exciting about pushing around a pram...

I also had my midwife appointment today. I told her that I had been have slight cramps in my stomach when I go to bed, sort of like mild period pains, I thought she would just say 'oh that's braxton hicks' but she said that when it happens to phone the assessment center, and they will tell me what's happening, perhaps I should have done that before...oh well, we shall see if they happen again!

We also went over to Rob's parents to pick up some baby stuff that they had collected from various places. Rob's mum has got us a a really nice swinging crib, and a moses basket. Rob's gran put us together this box of amazing knitted blankets and cardigans, knitted by her, and a really nice blanket crocheted by Rob's great gran. It's very exciting to finally be getting things together. My mum had also very nicely bought some bath stuff and extra bits like that...

So I'm 36 weeks this week, only four more to go!

Me and the Christmas tree!

My sister is hopefully coming tomorrow! How exciting! I'm REALLY excited about Christmas now! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. I was a pramaholic with my first son and I know this time round I will be too! Looks a gorgeous pram!


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