Oh dear, this is terrible, I'm having to update using an iPhone for now be haze I feel so bad that I don't update anymore! Please stay with me dear readers, because the best is yet to come!

This week has been very cold as I'm sure most of you are aware! It's technically my last week of work, but because my work is so rubbish at getting anything done (the head office, not my shop) and took nearly 5 weeks to get my smb1 form to me so I can get maternity allowance from themjob centre, I might have to work next week too! But Christmas party this Sunday! I only hope I can find something to wear, as none of my nice dresses fit me anymore!

Other than this rob and I went to visit someone he knew from school who had a baby 4 weeks ago! It's a little boy, and we got to hold him. He was very sweet and stayed asleep most of the time. We saw his nappy being changed and him having a feed! It was very nice to hold a baby again, but I still can't imagine what it's going to be like holding my own baby, and seeing rob hold him too.

Speaking of the little one, the movements inside have definitely changed, well as well as the kicks I can feel him turning and body parts are starting to stick out in places. It feels much more like a dragging feeling when he moves around, rather than bubbly, and I can feel him almost turning and poking! It's nice acutally because I can feel more of his body and it makes him seem more like a real baby!

So there is only 7 weeks to go, only a few weeks until my birthday and crimbo, then it's baby time! I'm scared!

We are desperately trying to sort out the Internet so hopefully soon we shall be up and running, and I can blog everyday!

We still havent bought anything for the baby, but I think we will wait to see about Christmas then hit the jan sales!

So this is all for now as it is hard work updating on an iPhone! Please stay with me!!

Be back soon!



  1. Miss you, we've not spoken in ages! Hurry up and get back online, I want to see more pictures! xxx


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