Look what I made!

So day 5 of being stuck inside, well that's a lie, I made it a few metres outside my house today but then decided that it was too icy, so I retreated. I was supposed to go swimming this morning, which I was really looking forward to, but BUT it started to snow heavily, and didn't look like it was going to stop, so I decided to be careful and not go out. It has been snowing on and off all day since then.

So I decided to do something a bit productive, and I knitted some baby mittens. I knitted them out of my very special wool, which I got from India. It is hand-spun, hand dyed and hand everything wool from the Himalayas. I'm glad I've finally found something good to make out of it...perhaps I shall make some booties too ( I hate the word booties, but there really is no other way to describe them)

Sorry for the rubbish phone picture photos! They are actually white, well cream, but again rubbish phone does not pick that out, so they look grey.

Tomorrow hopefully my Mum and Andy are visiting for the day, so I can see them before Christmas, then my sister is coming in the evening (hopefully) then it's my birthday on Thursday! I shall be 24, how exciting! My last ever birthday by myself! I hope this bloody snow doesn't ruin everything!

That's all for now!


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