Wildbirds & Peacedrums

Oh dear I feel terrible, I hate neglecting the blog like this! But hang in there, I will be back soon, hopefully with proper updates and photos soon!

Currently I'm in London, where last night I attended a gig with my dearest oldest friends, for a good old meet up!

The gig was Wildbirds and Peacedrums, a husband and wife who play drums, a steel drum other percussion and wifey has an amazing voice. Also they had a choir to sing with them. The best part, well not the best part because the music was amazing, but another good thing was that it was in a church, in the middle of London, at Union Chapel in Islington. 

Afterwards we went for a drink and it was lovely to have a catch up with my friends, most of them who I hadn't seen since Greenman. It's strange to think that we are all adults, well at least pretending to be adults by living in flats with boyfriends and having jobs, and well having babies. Sometimes it doesn't seem as though we have changed at all, and I don't think we have in terms of how we get on as friends and as people, just our circumstances have changed. But I like this, I like how whatever is going on in our lives, and where ever we are living, we can still meet up and things will be the same as the ever were. It's a comforting feeling! I only wish that we all lived closer together! But going to gigs like this and meeting up is a really special thing to do! 

So anyway not much else to say really! I think I finish work next week, then its maternity leave for me!

Hopefully we will have internet in the flat by next week!


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