There's no place like home

Hello! I'm back from the depths of an internet-less world, well briefly, as I'm in a bar using the internet there. Still none at home.

As for that, 'home', I feel like it is home, still getting used to it, but I love it, and feel unbelievably comfortable and happy there.

So we moved on Thursday, and all went really well. We had help from Rob's workmate for all the heavy lifting manly stuff, and the great help of a van/car from a friend on Rob's mum. Both helpers were greatly appreciated, and without them we wouldn't have managed to move all in one day!

I think I went into over drive and managed to unpack most things on Thursday. We were still minus a bed and a sofa, so we made a camp in the living room out of silly airbeds. We also treated ourselves to a take away from an Indian place just round the corner. It was lovely walking out after we had unpacked lots of things, and thinking this is where we now live.

So after a pretty rubbish nights sleep, even though we did go to bed about half 9 - 10 because we were so tired, we woke up in our new flat. It was such a lovely feeling! Making breakfast in my own kitchen and having a shower and getting dressed all felt like special occasions because I knew this space is all mine and only mine! (Well Rob's too)

It felt quite momentous when we were moving, like we were physically taking this next step into our future, and feeling like a real grown up, ready for this next stage.

It has been quite lovely just making the place nice and going shopping and just being there with Rob.

I really must take some photographs of it all sort out now, as we got the bed and the sofa bed delivered on Friday. Last night I was so excited to go to sleep in our new (massive) bed!

I know that we will just get used to living there and being by ourselves when the baby arrives, which is only 9 weeks away. My god it's all happening so quickly! But I am looking forward to it more and more, especially feeling a bit more settled now.

So everything is pretty good! I'm nesting away like a good women should!

That's all for now as I have been in this bar for a fair amount of time now! I'll be back in a few days I imagine, with more photos hopefully!


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