Prenancy PreGnancy brain fail..

So hi again! Not really much to talk about again!

Just wanted to start by saying that I feel really bad for Lily Allen, who lost her baby at 6 months. I can't imagine what that would make me feel like. 6 months is a long time to get used to being pregnant and having a baby just starting to wriggle around inside of you. Also as it is the second time she has lost a baby it feels even worse. I definitely take things for granted with my pregnancy, that everything is ok. I hope that everything continues to be ok, and after its born, but its scary to think how quickly things can change, however used to the idea you are.


As for me I haven't been up to much, other than day dreaming about moving into our flat, which is happening two weeks today! We are going to look at the flat again next week, and see it empty, which will make it easier to decide where everything is going to go. We still need to find a bed and a sofa bed from somewhere! Andy is coming down tomorrow from my mums with things for the new flat. It's not quite official yet that it's definitely ours, but the other day we drove past it, and the sign had changed to 'let agreed' and it says let on the website, so hopefully it's all going to go through ok!

I just keep on getting so excited about being there. Being able to cook in the kitchen and have the living room to hang out in after dinner. Getting up in the morning and just being quiet in the house with no-one else there. I'm looking forward to getting back to the flat after I have been out and knowing that no-one else will be there, and I have complete freedom to do whatever I like! Also being able to have friends and family round and being cosy and homely! eeeeee! I want these two weeks to go quickly!


Other than this I have had a good social week. Yesterday my friend Jess from uni was in Bristol for the day, so I went to meet her. We wandered around the Bristol museum, then went to get milkshakes from this American diner type place!

In the evening I went to yoga as usual, and started speaking to this girl afterwards. The week before I had been speaking to this other girl, and I think I thought that the girl this week was the same girl, because they look really similar, and the girl from the week before was not there (I think?) Basically I'm really confused. But I was being friendly and smiley because I thought it was the first girl, so I must have seemed a bit keen! So after talking to her for a bit I realised that it wasn't the girl I thought it was ( I think) but someone new, but I couldn't ask her because if it was the original girl because it would look weird if I thought she was someone else, and if it is a new girl then it would be obvious I thought she was someone else. aaaaah stupid pregnancy brain messing everything up! I think its because I go to swimming, yoga, antenatal and work in a baby shop, that I see lots of pregnant women and I can't remember where I speak or meet people.

But anyway regardless of whether it is the original girl or a new one, she was really nice!(As was the original girl) She is nearly 25 and in the same position as me. Being the first one out of her friends to have a baby, not planned, and feeling a bit lost with it all! Plus feeling younger than most people at the yoga class...So we swapped numbers and said that it would be nice to hang out! I'm looking forward to it!

Also today I went for lunch with my friend Jess from the swimming class, and this other women who I befriended at Pumpkin Patch. The Other women, Helen, and I got talking about not really knowing many people here. She has a 4 year old son, but when he is at nursery, she finds it hard not knowing people and having things to do. So I gave her my number and said that if she ever wanted to do anything to let me know. So when Jess and I arranged to meet for lunch I invited Helen along too. It was really nice, we sat and chatted for about and hour, a proper mothers meeting! Who knew you could while away so many hours sat chatting in a cafe!

So a very social week indeed. Also tomorrow Rob and I are going to go for coffee with his friend who is pregnant, she is due next week! She is Rob's age and a friend from school I think! So that should be interesting!


Anyway I'm 29 weeks today, so I thought I would show you the belly:

look at my wonderful stretch marks...not good! boo hoo...Also my belly button is protruding even further!

We also tried to film the baby kicking, and if you look closely you can see! (about 12 seconds you can see!)


p.s I thought of another name I quite like, and Rob likes it to, and that name is Ethan. What does everyone else think?


  1. I could see! I like both names. I think you should wait till he comes out and see what he looks like.

  2. Wow! Its a very round belly!
    I really like the name Ethan and can really imagine you with a baby boy Ethan!
    Can we speak tomorrow? I am going to the village on saturday!
    Love you♥

  3. I spoke to a korean girl at the hotel yesterday, she is pregnant and her baby is due mid december, she has to work up to 1 week before the birth. It is strange as I was sitting in the business lounge reading your blog at the time so I showed her and she was interested and had lots to say about her feelings etc. she took a note of your blog address so I wouldn't be surprised if you get another follower.. Love Dad

  4. Hi Abbi Pre Nancy's brain definitely did fail, who is Pre Nancy?? Dad

  5. see i definitely do have pregnancy brain!


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