Photography and radio two

So today was filled with fun adventures!

This morning I had to go to Wales to collect some prints that were in an exhibition, and whilst at the gallery the exhibition officer gave us a talk on how to approach galleries and what we should be doing, and important things to keep in mind when trying to get exhibitions! It was very useful, and hopefully, sometime in the future, when there is perhaps a little more stability, routine, calmness in my life, I might be able to make some more work and perhaps start getting back into photography and start showing work.

As I was in Wales I thought I would drive over to Hereford, because of the photo festival that is going on there at the moment. Driving in Wales and going on little adventures by myself is most definitely one of my most favourite things to do. I spent a good part of last year, and early this year, doing just that, going on trips for my photography work, and finding myself in some very interesting places. In fact I've been doing that for the past 3 years, and have some pretty interesting experiences! It's nice to think about all the places I went and the people I met, and how I would have never got there had it not been for photography. They are some very good memories, and make good stories!

Anyway, so yes today was a photography day. I needed to go and be inspired again, and that I was. I went to two exhibitions in Hereford, and thoroughly enjoyed them both.

I have been thinking a lot recently about starting to do a project again, and this helped me think of more ways to do it.

As you all know I have been obsessed with finding a place for us to live, so I can make it my own home. I have had this need and longing for a place to be my 'home' for a long long time now. Since before I left for University, all the way through it  and up til now.  In my second year I attempted to do a project around this subject, but my feelings have changed from them, as has my situation.

The idea of having a home and me about to start a family of my own are two things that definitely go hand in hand, and I want to try and document this. I want to start from the beginning, of this well, new beginning. So next week when we move, I'm going to try and start documenting my life, and all the things that happen.

I feel it's important and would love to share this at a later point with my child, as a sort of family history and journey that Rob and I took.

As I have mentioned before I wrote my dissertation on the 'Family Album', the importance of it, what it was and if it still exists today, and above all what it teaches and shows us about our family and society as a whole. I believe it's important to capture all moments of family life, not just the 'happy' moments, or the typical family scenes. That's why I want to start documenting this new stage in our lives, so I can later look back and share it with the baby. This blog has been amazing for that, and I'm looking forward to reading it back in time to come, and remember all the things that happened and what I was feeling!


Anyway that's about all, sorry that was a bit of ramble, but I've got lots of ideas and things going round in my head at the moment! Hooray for feeling inspired!

Also I have been listening to Radio two all day in the car, and I love it on a Saturday!

Happy times!

(oh yeh by the way I'm 30 weeks now, which means only 10 more to go! 10!)


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