Housewife in the making

So I have been off work these last few days, after a long and tiring weekend, so I'm glad!

It's strange though, because I know that everyone else is a work I have to plan little things to do, and section up my day with these tasks. Yesterday I went to my swimming class, then afterwards drove to Ikea to look at sofa beds and all the things we might need in the new flat. I didn't buy anything either, which is always good, well other than the obligatory hot dog of course! I then did the rounds of the retail park. I went to Mama's and Papa's, pets at home (to look at the rabbits obvs), boots, Mothercare and Asda home. I had my notebook with me and wrote down prices of things to compare.

It was fun, and I did enjoy being there by myself, but I also felt like a bored housewife, who just goes out to the shops to browse for something to fill her time with. I can imagine myself going out and about with the baby on such excursions. There's nothing wrong with doing this, but after a long time of doing it, I'm sure it could become tedious.

I then came home and did some homework about housing benefits, and phoned the estate agent, and ticked off things I needed to sort out. Later I went to the shops to by something for dinner to cook for Rob when he got home from work. In between this I tidied and watched some 4od.

See what I mean?

And that's not the end of it, today I'm going to the other shopping centre in Bristol, to go and look at nappy prices in John Lewis, and perhaps spend my voucher! I'm actually quite excited about going.

Mainly I think I just want to get out of the house.


Only 8 days until we move into our flat!

And then I want visitors to keep me from going insane...


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