This weekend I have been treated to the sound of fireworks in the evening, I have even been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some from the window or when walking home from work up our quiet street.

Bonfire night is one of my favourite nights of the year, and the fact that it has been turned into a whole weekend this year is great! I think it's because it reminds me of being a kid, and I have fond memories of going to firework night as a child. I think we usually just went with my dad, from my memory, and wrapped up really warm. I remember it being the first time in the year when you could wear gloves and a hat, and see your breath. The smell of sparklers and bonfires are still some of my favourite smells, and eating jacket potatoes or hot chestnuts...I remember one year my sister wasn't allowed to go too close to the bonfire because she was wearing a shell suit, and if a spark flew on her she would have set on fire!

I always got excited about going out, and tonight we are going to fireworks just up the road. They will be my first Bristol fireworks, and we are going with some friends. Today has been really cold and clear, so I'm looking forward to putting on my big coat and gloves!

I wonder if peach will be able to appreciate them, or will they just make him jump? We shall see! I hope everyone else had wonderful bonfire nights, whatever you did!


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