Alive alive

Hi i am still alive! But we still don't have the internet at home!

Things have been going really well though, and we feel fully settled in the new flat. Things between Rob and see seem to be better than ever, and we are both really enjoying living together.

I keep on going between the two polar opposites of emotions about the baby. On one hand I really REALLY want him to come out so I can meet him, and other people can too, but I also feel really sad that there is only 8 weeks left of me and Rob being together just as a couple. I wish that we had known eachother for longer, and could have more time together just us, because I really love the relationship and feel its going to change. Not that the change is going to be bad, but just different, and I feel I just want a bit of a break from being pregnant and the baby being there, just to enjoy time together. But alas this is not possible, and this is the decision we made!

Anyway, I was going to upload some photos from a lovely walk we took on the Bristol Downs, but my computer is being silly, so I can't. But soon!

I'm getting excited for Christmas now, and being around my family! It's getting bloody cold too!

Right I'm going to leave it at that because I'm hungry and want to go home and make dinner!


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