Oh hi, sorry I forgot to post in a few days, been quite busy!

Sooo...on Monday my Mum and Andy were in Bristol, so after  I went to my aqua-natal swimming in the morning, (where I did actually speak to some of the other women this time, which was nice) I met up with my mum. I had to go to my first midwife appointment in Bristol, which I was quite excited about because it seems like ages ago that I was seen by anyone, it was infact 4 weeks ago. Mother and me went for a walk along Gloucester Road, and looked in some charity shops. Then it was time for me to go to my appointment, so I let her in a cafe.

The appointment was really good, as always the midwife was really lovely. (They are the loveliest people in the world, right?) Because I have moved to a new area, I had to basically have a booking appointment again, where they take all my details and go through medical history. It's silly that each district does things so differently, but it was ok and didn't take too long. She had to do all my bloods again though, which meant giving more blood than I'd expected, and I don't really like having it done. It's good to sort of start over again, because I feel I can go over things that I feel weren't gone over the first time, and talk about things that have come up. Also I didn't really feel like I saw anyone regularly when I was in Lincoln, in fact I saw a different midwife for everything I went to.

This time she measured my stomach, and said it was pretty much the right size for my time, also I got to hear the heartbeat again, which I forgot all about, so that was a nice suprise, again! So everything seems to be ok for now, blood pressure is good, babies heart beat is good, the only thing is is that she weighed me and my bmi is slightly creeping into overweight. Which is not so good. I really need to start watching what I'm eating, and start going swimming more!


Which brings me onto my next subject nicely, because as well as doing the aquanatal classes once a week I decided I would give pregnancy yoga a try. After speaking to the lady next door (who has young children) over the garden wall, we got onto the subject of yoga and she recommended that I go to this place. It's about a 5 minute walk from the house, so is a perfect location. I went this evening for the first time. I was a little apprehensive at first, but as usual, once Ing was there it was fine. The yoga we did is nothing like any of the proper yoga I have done before, but was still really good. We did a lot of stretching, and lying in comfortable positions, and it was very relaxing. We ended with a position where we were half lying on our backs with our legs stretched out flat against the wall. It was weird, but really comfortable!

I didn't really speak to anyone there, but I think if I get there a bit earlier next week then perhaps I will speak to people before. But everyone seems quite friendly. It's weird being in a room where you know everyone there is going through the same thing as you, it's quite a relaxing feeling really.


Anyway in other news Rob's grandparents came to visit yesterday, and Betty (the grandmother) came into my work today to say hello. She then told me that she would meet me after work for a coffee. She bought me a sandwich from Pret, then we sat in the sunshine on a bench and had a natter. She is really really lovely, and I really like spending time with her. She is constantly saying how if I wanted I can go down and stay with them by myself if I want a break, and to go down with Rob too. Also she kept on mentioning that I'm going to be treated the same as everyone else, because I'm part of the family now. She really is very nice!


I feel I have been quite up and down with my moods recently. I think my hormones are going up and down again. I felt really bad because when I went to my Mums and when she was down I felt myself getting irritated and annoyed, not by them, but just by everything. I felt really bad because I felt as though I was ruining the time I had to spend with them. It made me feel really sad because I didn't want to feel mean to my Mum and Andy, because of everything they do for me, and I miss them alot. But I just couldn't help it. I don't know why. Perhaps its because I  do really miss them, and living with them, and seeing my family, that I didn't quite know how to react. I feel really mean and like a spoilt brat when I'm acting like that, it makes me feel sad. I will have to ring my Mum tomorrow.


Anyway thats about all for now. We have painted one room of the wall next door. I will take photos. Also I will take stomach photos too, hopefully tomorrow!


  1. Were you drunk when you wrote this!!!? Can't believe you 'let' mum in a cafe. Also how do you paint one room of the wall next door? :P

  2. I'm glad that you like Robs Gran, maybe she will be the Grandma(s) you never had. Dadx

  3. haha i didn't read through it and i wrote it late last night.

    also i should probably stop doing all that crack?


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