Saturday Mornings

Hello, it's Saturday morning and Rob and I are having a lie in together. I love waking up early, but not having to get up, and spending time just talking and hanging out with Rob. Rob usually doesn't do this type of thing, but somehow I've managed to persuade him to do so.

So as promised, and because Rob just got a new I-phone, we took some photos. After this expenditure we are going to have a budget talk, and sort out all of our money, and how we are going to save. Rob and I are both very good at spending money, and it's starting to worry me. We need to start saving!

Anyway, I'm feeling slightly better about myself than I did last night, but not 100%. But here are some photos where I think I look preggo and not like a massive fat whale. I'm still in my pyjamas! The baby was moving around a lot this morning, and Rob finally got to see my stomach jumping when the little one kicked. Also you can sort of see the new wall, well the new paint on the wall, but it looks a lot more blue in these photos!

So happy Saturday, I have to work for a few hours today, but then its back home to make a curry then go out for Robs birthday and see some friends. I'm quite excited, today seems like it might be a good day!


  1. Pretty sister♥
    In the picture of you lying down and pulling a funny face you look well like me, its quite weird!!!

  2. Aww, your bump is still so small and neat. You don't look like a whale at all! I need to send you a picture of my enormobump for comparison I think!!

  3. yeh please do! this was in the morning mind, once I've stuffed myself silly throughout the day it looks bigger in the evening!

  4. Wow... that was weird... I really thought it was Sarie in that picture! And by the way: you don't look fat at all. I think you even have that special preggo-glow on your face. It's wonderful and you can only have it when your pregnant, so enjoy it ;-) Jits*


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