On a lighter/darker note

When I was at my sisters we were talking about when the baby is born and how its brain develops. She showed me these books that are good for helping the babies sight develop, and brain develop.

I would (obviously) quite like my child to be smart, he doesn't have to be a genius, but being bright and intelligent would be good! So anything I can do when he's a baby to aid his brain developing well, I'm up for!

It's so strange starting to think about when the baby grows into a child, and how you will deal with all the things that bringing up a child involves. I'm hoping that the knowledge will somehow appear in my brain of how to do things, but I guess it's as much about me learning as it is with the child.

So anyway these books. It is said that babies respond well to strong contrasting colours, and bold shapes and designs ( see what I did with the title there? contrasting, light/dark, get it, yeh?) The look pretty good, and I wonder what else is out there to help the babies brain develop to it's full potential, I guess I will have to start researching!

Also today, some good news, I went to my antenatal swimming class as usual, and last week I had been chatting to a very nice lady who is preggos too. This week we were talking some more and I asked her if she wanted to sit and have a cup of tea after, so we had a nice chat about loads of different things, about our worries and excitements. She is 26 and having her first baby, who was also unexpected. It's really nice having someone who I get on with to talk about all these things, and she took my number so hopefully we will go for a cup of tea again...! yey friend! hah

That's all for now, I will update later with some more news potentially on the housing front, but I won't bore you with that again quite so soon!

p.s oh if anyone wants to get me any of these books they are really cheap on amazon, hint hint, haha!


  1. I have books from the 'baby sees' series and all of my babies have been captivaed by them, so definitely something I'd recommend.


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