Not looking so good.

So today I was feeling quite happy. I've had a day off and it's been semi-productive.

This morning I did washing that has needed to be done for ages, then I went swimming. The slow lane was too slow today, so I ventured back into the medium lane, and really tried to push myself. I haven't been swimming in a while and felt bad. I have been concerned that I have put on too much weight, and I really need to start watching what I'm eating, and doing a bit more when I go swimming. More on this later.


After I had lunch, tomato soup mmmm, I went for a wander down Gloucester Road, mainly to go to see if I can sign up at the dentist, but also for a charity shop browse and a general excursion. I have recently rediscovered the wonders of my I-pod, and I love just walking along the street, with no real purpose, watching people and being engrossed in my world and my music. I like being out and about, it makes me feel more integrated and part of the place, and Gloucester Road is such a good place to be doing this, as there are so many cafes and nice little shops and it's just a nice busy with people doing their own thing. I went in charity shops and a vintage shop and was tempted by some winter jumpers.

There is also my favourite bakery, who bake the best olive bread in the world. I bought a loaf of that. I also bought some things for the curry I'm making tomorrow, for Rob's birthday. It's his birthday on Sunday, but we are going out with some friends on Saturday night, so I thought that I would make a curry before hand. I have bought him what I think is a very nice present, which he has already been hunting for, but he won't find it.

The point of my trip was to try and get registered with Rob's dentist, but they aren't taking on any new NHS patients. Bugger. So I'll just have to find another one, whilst I get treatment for free!


I was going to put another coat on the purple wall today in the new bedroom, but I was so tired after walking to the shops and back, that I just couldn't manage it. I keep on forgetting that I can't do as much as I used to. I think because at the moment I've got more energy than I've had in the past few months I forget that I still do get tired out. I'm not looking foreward to when the tiredness starts to creep back though. I'm nearly in my 3rd trimester, which seems strange to me. When I'm in that (in 2 weeks!) that will be the final bit, the last stretch. Scary times.

I was also going to take some photos of myself to show my stomach, because it is indeed getting bigger and bigger, but I tried to take some on photobooth, but just got depressed because I look really fat. I don't know whether its the top I'm wearing (which I will consider not wearing from now on, since I look like a whale in it) or just everything. My face, my legs, yuk yuk yuk. It's really horrible, and I really don't want to be over-weight. I have never been over weight before, and its really shocking to see myself like it. In the photos I don't even look pregnant, just really fat. So no photos on this post I'm afraid.

I will get Rob to take some tomorrow morning, and of the new room.


I have been watching a bit of the commonwealth games, and I kept on welling up when English people won races and medals. Also I had tears in my eyes when a women from Botswana won the 400m race, winning the first ever gold for her country. I don't really know whats wrong with me.


Right I'm going to go and do some star jumps or something.

p.s sometimes I look at the stats of my blog, to see when people visit and where from, and I noticed that someone had visited from Jamaica! How good! 


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