This is a silly post, but last night I watched the friends episode where Rachel has her baby.

It was so rubbish and unreal (especially after watching the whole series of one born every minute). Firstly she is sitting in hospital when she is only 3 cms dilated, and they would probably send you home until your labour matures a bit, when she finally starts to push the baby is breech, which they only find out right at the last minute, which probably wouldn't happen. All they say to her is that she needs to push a bit harder, and lo and behold, she does and the baby is born! No extra midwives are brought in, it just pops out! Then afterwards there's no skin to skin, no cutting of the cord, no sewing her up after she just pushed out a breech, because lets be honest, there would be some tearing...

After this there is no delivery of placenta and definitely no clearing up of any 'mess' that might have happened whilst the baby was being born.

I know it's only a sitcom, and it's not supposed to give a full medical version of what happens when you give birth or whatever, but for me, before you are pregnant,  that is all you see of people giving birth, and actually it is completely different. Maybe that's why people are so terrified of giving birth when they know they have to, because all you see before hand is this fabricated view of people giving birth.

Anyway this is a silly rant, but it annoyed me slightly!


  1. tell me about it. I saw Look who's Talking recently and her waters broke - then the baby was out 30 minutes later. It may happen sometimes - but come on! Then she goes to aerobics class when he's like a month old. hmm

  2. I watched the Friends episode too and was equally bemused
    I don't think I've ever seen anything on TV that depicts anything near real labour, or even real parenting of a baby


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