Oh hi! Good god damn news, we have a flat!

The flat is in one of the nicest areas of Bristol, in Redland, just off a really nice street with nice cafes and shops. The flat is on the ground floor (so no stairs!) of a big old pretty house, with one bedroom. There is tons of storage space, one of might even be big enough to fir a cot and baby things...we shall see. It also has our own little private courtyard, which is good! Only thing is the bath room is quite small, with only a shower, but for now this will have to do!

We are very excited, as for the price we are getting a nice place, in a really good location! Also it is available in a few weeks, so we have enough time to get things sorted, but not too long to wait to get in there! I'm so glad things are finally moving forward!

We just need to find furniture now, which hopefully we can pick up from freecycle or somewhere! But woohoo for this being the first step!

You can look at the flat here, because I can't save the pictures. And this means of course that people can come and visit!

I'm happy!


  1. Yay! Congratulations! This is so exciting, your own place. You'll get your first Christmas there!

  2. thanks! I know I'm very excited now, I even thought about where we were going to put the Christmas tree!

    how is everything with you?


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