A birthday, on a Sunday

So last night we went out for Rob's birthday, and much to my surprise, I lasted the whole night! We went home at about 2am. I was quite tired by the end, and my throat hurt, but it was nice to stay out and feel ok! I'm trying to make the most of me feeling alright at the moment!

I cooked Rob and his mum a curry last night, and then for dessert I'd bought a whole tray of krispy kreme doughnuts, and I put a candle in each of them. I also gave Rob his present which was a nice shirt, so that he could wear it out that night.

I decided to go with something a little daring, and wore a tight dress, seeing as now there is a more distinguishable bump there, and I don't just look really fat, I thought it would be ok! I think at some points I felt a bit strange because I get paranoid about what people think of me, and I think that some people might have thought badly of me for being in a bar at 2 in the morning, even if I had only been drinking water all night (well I had a quarter of a pint of Guinness, mainly for the taste, but then I had enough).  But at the end of the day I shouldn't worry because I wasn't doing anything bad, just staying awake for a little longer than usual, but I had today off so it was quite relaxing and not very strenuous.

A pleasant evening was had by all, its nice just sitting in a pub with friends having a catch up. I like going out to have a few drinks with friends, I just hate it when the emphasis is to get as drunk as possible and act like a twat. When Rob and I were going home we walked through the centre of Bristol, by the kebab shops and I was amused and also quite shocked at how tragic the drinking culture is. It's quite strange to see it through completely sober eyes, and even though I don't think I've ever been as bad as that, it was strange to see so many people acting in this way, and even more horrid to think that this is what people do every weekend, in every city and town. I also had a funny thought, and wondered how many accidental babies would be conceived that night!

Today we went for lunch with Rob's mum because Rob's dad was away for the weekend, so we snuck out for lunch in secret.  It was really nice, and I like spending time with Rob's mum and hearing about different things about her. Later this afternoon I put the first coat of the off white on the remaining walls. I finished with paint all over my hands, on the bottoms of my feet and some on the walls.

Anyway, here are some photographs (I'm getting better at this right?) And I will do a more in depth post at some point. Good night!

Me in my fetching overalls

Rob and his krispy kremes pus new shirt, looking slightly like hitler?

The revealing outfit

The handsome birthday boy

My awkward photo face


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