A big fat NO

oh hi.

I'm horribly tired, and pretty grump grump right now.


So over the weekend after talking to family and Rob, we decided that we should start to (finally) look for a flat to move into before the baby is born.

Yesterday I went to speak to the citizens advice, and they said that I should be able to get some sort of housing benefit before the baby is born, and definitely after. Also after the baby is born I should be entitled to more help from the government too. 

I did some searching online yesterday, and found one that ticked a hell of a lot of boxes. Rob liked the look of it too. It was in a good location, a nice Georgian building, had big rooms, secure parking and just looked nice. I had a bit of a bad nights sleep thinking about it and worrying if it had already gone. But we rang in the morning, and it was still available, and we were able to get a viewing this morning, before I had to go to work.

So we drove down there and spent quite a while looking around it. It was nice, and had a good feeling about it. The rooms were definitely big enough for us, and there was plenty of storage space. After talking things over in the car after, and after Rob speaking to his mum about we, we decided that we should go for it, as it ticked loads of boxes, and was available at the end of November, giving us time to sort things out and save a little more. So we got to the agency, and told them we wanted to put down a deposit, only to be told that the agent had rang the landlord to check whether he would be happy about letting to us with a baby, and he said NO. No, no no.

We were pretty shocked by this, as we didn't even consider this being an issue. Apparently the landlord had let before to a family with a baby and it didn't go to well, so he didn't want to again, despite the agent trying to convince him.

I was gutted! It all seemed to good to be true, but after deciding to take the plunge, and make that step, we thought it would obviously be ok.

So now, it's back to the beginning. Searching and looking at flats. At least now I know we are definitely going to try and find somewhere, and hopefully move before Christmas!

So wish us luck!

Boo bloody hoo.


  1. what a shame! seems to be a common thing : our landlord made us 'move on' once she saw i was pregnant - her excuse was she didn't want a crying baby (she lived next door) but everyone though it was outrageous and against the law. Although now my 10-month old is kind of feeding himself I can see why a landlord wouldn't want a baby in the flat. Food all over the walls, vomitty carpet... and we haven't even started potty training yet...

    Good luck with the flat hunt. I'm sure you'll find something good - just make sure it will be warm :) Mine was born in January and it was nice to have a little warm nest to coop up in.


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