Last night I had a really strange dream about babies.

I dreamt that I had twins, a boy and a girl. In the dream I found it really strange that I had twins, as I knew in real life that I wasn't, but I also thought that it was real life in the dream.

Anyway, they were suddenly there and we didn't even have a pushchair or anything ready for them. We had two makeshift car seats. We decided to take them out, because I needed things from Boots. I was also trying to breastfeed them, which was working quite well, except I couldn't remember the last time I fed them, and which one it was. Mum and Andy told me not to feed them on demand, because it was a bad habit to get into and I shouldn't read the all the Christian books that told me to do so. But I disagreed and just to make a point started to feed one of them in the car. But then suddenly I was driving, and the car door was still open, I couldn't change gear properly, and I was going really fast, but couldn't do anything about it because I was holding the baby with one arm.

I think I managed to park finally, just on the pavement, when Rob caught up with me. I can't really remember what happened after that. It was all very strange, and made me glad that I'm not having twins. I hope I'm not anyway...


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