So whilst I sit here eating a peach, I can tell you that the peach is no longer than just a peach. It's ripened so to say.


Today I went back to the hospital for another scan. I got a phone call on friday saying that the consultant wanted to have a look at its brain. I didn't mention it to anybody, because I didn't want the worry. I was a little bit worried, because I thought that if it was nothing then they wouldn't need to look at it again, but also I was a bit relieved because they were taking extra care to make sure everything was ok.

I started being silly and worrying, thinking that I had somehow caused it by sleeping on my stomach and stupid things like that. Rob got annoyed with me. But as I said I did some research on the internet, which put my worries to an end.


So today, I went to the hospital again with my mum and andy. This time I made sure my bladder was extra full, because last time it wasn't as full as it should have been, and perhaps that's why she couldn't see the baby as well as she could have done.

So I was bursting and they were running late, so it was torture. But finally we got called, and I had the scan with the consultant. It was different from the other scans, there was a trainee doctor in their too, to watch I guess, as perhaps it doesn't happen much. He went straight to the head and looked close up to the brain. I didn't really look, because he didn't have a screen where I could see, and he was concentrating, taking measurements and that.

He told us that he wasn't concerned about the cyst, that it was just fluid, and should go away, and that is it just an effect of it growing and developing. He doesn't even want to check in a few weeks to see if it has gone. He feels it's not a threat and everything else is fine. And once again, hoorraay for my age, because it really does help, and is beneficial for the health of my baby.

He was just finishing when I asked if we could find out the sex. He took a look, and went from the bottom up, so we saw its little bum, and it's legs, and well perhaps something between the legs?

All I'm saying is that I'm glad we bought all the blue clothes...a hem.

But remember it's not 100%, so it may come out different to what he said.

Exciting ey?


  1. careful to not put you shoes on the table or stir your tea the wrong may end up ginger!

  2. I hope he is ginge! Little baby redhead♥



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