Salt and Vinegar

Hi, my name is Abigail, and I'm addicted to Salt and vinegar crisps. Walkers.

I don't know why, well I do, it's because I can't get enough of vinegar/mustard/pepper nmmmm nmmm nmmmmm.


Anyway, so there is LOTS to report!

Firstly I'll start with the last exciting thing, which is the most recent...which is I got a job! woo! I got a job in a very nice baby and childrens clothing shop. It's in Bristol, and I start next week. So as of next week, I shall be a Bristol resident, and I'm very excited! I won't be moving down fully, but just bit by bit, as I do not want to leave my dearest mother so quickly, as it makes me sad to think that I won't be living there anymore. It's been a lovely couple of months that I've spent there, different from what I anticipated, and I think our relationship has got a lot better for it. So I shall miss her, and Andy of course very much.

But I am also feeling that even though I enjoy living there, and working at the farm shop, I still don't really know anyone there, and don't really have much to do by myself there. I have started to feel the need to be around my friends and be out and about doing things. As I write I'm being such a city slicker, sitting in a cafe, blogging. Wowzers look at me!

So yesterday I had the job interview. the girl who interviewed me was really lovely, and she made me feel really relaxed, so for once I felt like myself at the interview. I came out thinking that it went pretty well, which is quite a first for me in interviews. I wasn't sure whether I should tell them about the pregnancy, and I lasted the whole interview without mentioning it, but at the end she asked me whether I would have any health issues that might interfere with working, and because she had been so nice I couldn't lie, so I told her. At the end I asked her whether she thought it might change the decision about the job, and she reassured me that she thought it would be fine. So today I got a phonecall from the manager, who also sounded lovely, and she said that they still wanted me to have the job! And that there would be a job for me after I gave birth if I wanted!

So working in a nice nice baby shop, it's the shop where I bought the amazing bear suit, don't you know. It's not full time, but I think that's good, especially as we are staying with Rob's parents it won't be such a worry about money. Here is the website if anyone wants to look at the shop!


Right next exciting news, is that I decided to go and see Joanna Newsome. I wasn't going to go because I didn't have anyone to go with, and thought that I would be up in Lincoln, but since I got the job, and I will be starting on Friday, I will have to be in Bristol on Thursday, and I don't think there is anyway that I will be able to be in the city knowing that she is playing, and not go. So I'm going by myself. I'll just have to remind myself that I'm not completely alone.


Right other news...I've registered at a doctors and midwife down in Bristol today, so hopefully that means that everything will be back on track with appointments and not 'slip through the net'.


Now I'm struggling to think of news to say. OH! the other day we went to Kiddicare. Which is the biggest baby and childrens stuff showroom in the UK. It is basically like Ikea, but for baby stuff. they had a whole floor just for prams. We found some quite nice things, like a good buggy travel system.

Yesterday I also went to John Lewis. Now that we know its a boy I looked in detail at all the baby boy clothes. I think before I go bankrupt I'll have to stay away, or make a very appealing baby list for things people would want to buy for us...haha...

OH what's that, you want to have a look so you know what to get..oh go on then, here you are:

You want to see more? Gaaawwwd greedy guts you'll just have to go to the John Lewis website

Right I'm pretty sure that's all to report. I've got my graduation tomorrow, so I'm sure I'm going to shock some people who didn't know I was pregs, by turning up pregs...good times!



  1. Congrat's on the job! It sounds like everything is slotting into place just like things always do in the end. I love the baby grow covered in hot air balloons - how cute!!

  2. Congratulations on getting the job! That's great news.

    I'm going pram shopping on saturday and was thinking about going to kiddicare. It's an hour and a half away from me, so I don't really want to go if it's not worth it. What do you think?

  3. hi, thanks!

    i would suggest going, they have so many pushchairs there, and makes that you don't really find in other shops like mothercare etc..also they seem to always have offers and money off, so i think its worth it. also the staff are pretty helpful and show you all the different parts of the pram and how to fold it, which is pretty useful! so i say yes go for it! i think i will probably go back there to get one in a few months!

  4. I hate visiting to find there is no update! Lets speak soony xxx

  5. Hellooo

    Just popped in to have a mooch round your blog after seeing your comment on my/the young mums group
    Anyway hope your pregnancy's going well

    And yes, John Lewis is one of the few gems for boys clothes in a sea of depressing football t-shirts and adorable girl apparel


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