hello, this is going to be a quick post. I feel guilty if I haven't updated in a couple of days, and don't want to get out of sync!

Anyway, so this week has been a very good week indeed, what with getting the job and all, and getting excited about moving to Bristol.

On Friday I had my graduation, so did Rob. I wasn't very excited about it to begin with, but when we got there and changed into our robes, I started to get more excited. It was quite nice to feel special and important. It was also very nice to see friends again. After the ceremony we went out for lunch with mum, andy, my dad and Rob's parents. It was the first time that my dad met with Rob's parents, but I think it went pretty well. I don't think they talked at all about baby stuff. Our dads just talked for the most of it, as I think they are actually pretty similar. Lots of photographs were taken, so I will upload some tomorrow.


On Saturday I had this exhibition opening in Cwmbran, which is just outside of Newport. It's in this really nice little arts and crafts gallery. The exhibition is made up of graduates from the South Wales area I think. My work is the first work that you see, as you walk up to the room, and looks pretty good, if you don't mind me saying so! I was speaking with the women who organised it, and she told me that they saw my work, and really like the idea behind the work and the theme, and decided to find other work that went along the same ideas. So it's nice to know that my work sort of set the theme for the whole exhibition. We were chatting about what my plans are next, and it's so strange to think about still carrying on with photography. But talking to her about keeping on working, and trying to exhibit work was really inspiring, and something I defiantly want to do.

Speaking of photography, me and mother are going to London tomorrow to go to the Photographers Gallery, to go see the Sally Mann exhibition, who is probably one of my favourite photographers, one of whom I have written various essays about, and whose work really inspires me. I was meaning to go all summer, but then got sidetracked and only remembered yesterday, I looked it up online and it's only on until the 16th...But its good to be spontaneous, as I'm not going to be able to be like that for much longer!


Blah blah blah, this is a really boring post.

I am going to write a better one tomorrow, when I'm not so tired.

Oh I think I can defiantly feel the baby moving around a lot more. The other night I was lying in bed and had my hand on my stomach. I could feel it moving around, and then I could also feel the movements on my hand, so little kicks or something. Rob put his hand on my stomach so he could feel too, and when I felt it move I asked Rob if he felt it on his hand, and he did. It also happened tonight, it seems to happen around the same time. They just feel like little soft kicks, not really kicks at all, just movements under the skin. But its exciting all the same.


My brain has been complete porridge recently. It's quite frustrating, and I keep on getting flustered in shops, just trying to do simple things.


Yesterday I ate 3 cheesestrings. I've become quite addicted to them, and babybels.

Goodnight (god this is an awful post)


  1. I'm happy you've posted and that graduation went well :)
    Please post tomorrow and hopefully we can speak soon aswell..
    I've been poorly this past week, first with a bad stomach and then ouchy mouth ulcers and really horrid joint pains :( Been so bored and down...would really love to speak with you!


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